The EU reported this past week that 3,964 were killed by COVID vaccines and 162,610 injured, according to collected data. That’s according to Eudravigilance, a database of suspected adverse reaction reports, though data reporting from the system typically lags by several weeks.
The database is similar to the VAERS self-reporting system used by the FDA and CDC in the United States.
As for VAERS, the latest numbers as of 19 March show:

  • 2,050 deaths following COVID vaccine injections
  • 44,606 recorded adverse reactions
  • 826 permanent disabilities
  • 7,456 emergency room/doctor visits
  • 4,442 hospitalizations
  • 1,318 life-threatening incidents
  • 52 birth defects

Though VAERS data is virtually the only Federal government data system officially tracking side effects of the COVID vaccines, the mainstream media has mostly ignored information reported there. Not only that, in a perverse twist of their efforts at propaganda, they have actively labeled news sites and organizations that cite VAERS data as “fake news.”
In the U.S., 137 million total doses have been given, including an average of 2.62 million per day over the past week. In his first Presidential news conference, Biden announced an updated goal to reach 200 million dispensed vaccines in his first 100 days in office.
Worldwide, more than 518 million COVID vaccine doses have been administered in 140 countries. The U.S., along with Israel, the U.K., and the UAE have the highest rates of vaccination. Much of Russia, China, and South America have comparatively lower vaccination rates. China, for example, has vaccinated just 3.3 percent of its population so far, according to Bloomberg.
Africa remains among one of the least-vaccinated regions in the world. In South America, only Chile, with 24 percent of its population vaccinated, has been on a pace with America and European nations.

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