The latest numbers of adverse events recorded in CDC’s VAERS reporting system include nearly 1,100 deaths related to COVID mRNA vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna. Numbers from the system as of 18 February include:

  • 19,907 total adverse events
  • 1,095 deaths following injections
  • 403 permanent disabilities
  • 4,151 visits to Emergency Rooms
  • 2,298 hospitalizations

According to the CDC, nearly 50 million Americans have received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine so far, with more than 70 million total doses administered.
Residents of New Mexico and Alaska have received vaccinations in the highest percentage, followed by Wyoming, North and South Dakota, West Virginia, and Connecticut. States with comparatively low vaccinations include Texas, Missouri, and a southern belt from Arkansas to South Carolina, with Tennessee included.
Globally, more than 231 million doses have been administered across 103 countries, according to Bloomberg. Israel continues to lead all nations in the percentage of population vaccinated. Over 50 percent of that country has received at least one dose, and 30 percent are fully vaccinated. The UAE, Qatar, and the U.K. also have some of the highest rates of vaccination in the world currently.
The EU, while much lower, with about 6 percent of citizens vaccinated, is further along than Russia, China, Brazil, and Australia. Much of Africa and smaller nations in the far east are either very low in vaccinations or not reporting data. 
Among South American countries, 16 percent of Chileans have received at least one dose of COVID vaccine. Mexico has vaccinated just one percent of its population so far.

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