Last Thursday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that the Chinese Communist Party is “the central threat of our times.”
Pompeo’s statement comes in the wake of Washington exerting pressure on European governments to ban the 5G networks of Huawei, China’s most powerful telecommunications company. Recently, the British government permitted Huawei to be among the companies setting up next generation high-speed mobile Internet technology.
Mr. Pompeo said his criticisms were not directed at any one particular company, but to the way the Chinese government is allowed to control information. “When you allow the information of your citizens to transit a network that the Chinese Communist Party has a legal mandate to obtain, it creates risk,” said Pompeo.
Doubling down on his statement that China is the most dangerous existential threat on the planet, Mr. Pompeo remarked, “While we still have to be enormously vigilant about terror, there are still challenges all across the world, the Chinese Communist Party presents the central threat of our times.”
Last June, the Secretary of State said, “China wants to be the dominant economic and military power of the world, spreading its authoritarian vision for society and its corrupt practices world-wide.”
TRENDPOST: As we have long noted, the business of China is business and the business of America is war.  
While China, as evidenced by its Belt and Road initiative, spends and loans trillions to developed and developing nations across the globe to build its business/economic strength, the United States main overseas mission is military strength, and its sales initiative is to selling military industrial complex products.

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