URBAN SURVIVAL: Guidelines For Those Living in Major Cities as Our Socioeconomic Structure Crumbles

by Bradley J. Steiner
Back in the 1970s, when my wife and I were still living in The Bronx, NY, I was in touch with an interesting individual with whom I strongly connected on some ideas and strongly disagreed on others.
He went by the name “Kurt Saxon” – his real name was Don Cisco. If you recall the Survivalism movement, it’s possible you’ve heard of Saxon because his book, The Poor Man’s James Bond was popular, and he authored a number of other worthwhile books on cottage industries.
(Saxon also had a lot to say regarding explosives and related devices – that was where I vigorously disagreed with him!)
Saxon wrote about how our nation rapidly was approaching collapse and dissolution, our culture was done for, etc. I agreed things were looking negative, which is the reason my wife and I left New York in the mid ‘70s.
At the time, I thought Saxon’s predictions of ethnic warfare, monetary collapse, and social chaos were a bit too “over the top.” Today, though, as I look at what is transpiring in our once-beautiful cities, I think, in fact, he may have understated the problem.
It hardly takes more than common sense and simple observation to see that our magnificent country, the United States of America, once the Land of Opportunity, has now become the Divided States of America and is in rapid decline. To say our economy and culture are in trouble is to minimize what is, actually, a clear and present catastrophe.
 And this socioeconomic and political crisis is not unique to the U.S. – it’s global!
Now is the time for preparations to be made for survival and defense. The big question is: what can I do to prepare?
Not everyone can relocate to a small town in Wyoming or secure a retreat far away from society’s lunacy. When greater insanity pervades the city in which you live, how can you and your loved ones prepare, so you can live in reasonable comfort and keep yourself and your family safe from violence?
I cannot provide a complete answer to that in a single article, but I believe what follows is a solid start. It’s the first of more to come from me in the Trends Journal that will provide valuable suggestions and guidelines.
No one can give any guarantees. But, I can assure you that following the suggestions herein will increase your chances of weathering an “Era of Insanity and Pre-reason” while living as comfortably as possible.
I encourage you take what follows to heart. I’m confident you will find it helpful in the months and years ahead.
When times become difficult and we are confronted with alarming circumstances, many people wilt. More precisely, I should say their real characters come to the surface. Bad times bring out the good in good people… but they also bring out the worst in those who are not good.
Sadly, many are not good people. The late Rabbi Meir Kahane wrote, “Even in the best of times people care very little for each other.”
Cynical? Perhaps. But, unfortunately, true, and verifiable by a study of history… and an unbiased assessment of the current events forming future trends.
Do not look to co-workers, fellow students, neighbors, and possibly even family members for kindred spirits. Unless you have evidence going back quite a ways that whomever you are dealing with really are one of the “good people,” don’t assume so. Learn to do what, characteristically, Americans never before in history have had to do: keep their thoughts, plans, ideas, and convictions cautiously to themselves.
The Times They Are a-Changin’
Unlike Europeans and Asians, Americans tend to be naive and open, something our blessed nation has encouraged. Remember, if you are old enough, the catch phrase, “Do what you like. It’s a free country”? Notice you virtually never hear that any longer. Ask yourself why, and you’ll understand the reason for this caution I urge.
You’ll need to provide for food, clothing, finances, shelter, and protection. Possibly, you have already experienced warning signs that these things – once hardly of any real concern – are now very important. If you haven’t yet noticed the warning signs, you had better wake up and get with the program!
 Much that American urban dwellers take for granted will not be so readily available in the near future and may even become scarce commodities.
Obtaining quality survival foods (Meals Ready to Eat or MREs) is wise. Warm, well-made winter clothing, especially for anyone living where the winters are harsh, should be obtained now. (Summer is an excellent time to purchase winter attire.) Don’t put it off.
As far as finances are concerned, I say, “For heaven’s sake, listen to Gerald Celente!” Personally, I regard Gerald as a genuine National Treasure. He is one of the few individuals who is pumping out the truth, can be trusted, and who understands what is happening.
In regard to finances, the Trends Journal does not provide financial advice, but I can recommend that you spend your money wisely. This is not a time for splurging on unnecessary items. Stockpiling household utilitarian goods makes far greater sense. If you need/use something regularly, make a point to have lots of it on hand while the products still can be obtained.
I am not a believer in fiat currencies. I believe, however, that keeping a couple of months’ expenses on hand is smart. I put the remainder of my money into tangibles of value. Also, I believe the time is coming soon when precious metals will no longer be sold for fiat currency.
If you plan on living where you are residing now, ensure that your living facilities are well maintained – now is the time to make any necessary home repairs.
If you live in an apartment, you face some unique challenges but also some advantages. One of the advantages is you are living a less conspicuous and lower profile existence than homeowners. The future will doubtless see homeowners targeted in a variety of ways, such as subject to increased taxes, being more attractive burglary targets, more home invasions, trespassing on private land, etc., so do not despair if you are an apartment-dweller.
As the “Greatest Depression” worsens, increasing crime will be a major issue. As data reported in the Trends Journal confirms, the crime wave has already begun. Whether or not it has increased yet in your city, it will soon, and you had best get ready for it by learning how to defend yourself. As Gerald Celente has predicted, crime rates will skyrocket.
Jack, You’re Dead
As Machiavelli wrote nearly 500 years ago, the Swiss people were “most armed and most free.”
You need firearms. Even in NYC, it is possible (though difficult) to obtain firearms to keep in your home.
I strongly suggest you go through whatever procedures are necessary, for however long it takes, and at whatever financial cost it requires to obtain the necessary permit, license, or whatever may be required so you can obtain a home defense firearm.
First, though, be sure to take a course in firearms handling and safety. My recommendation, once you’ve learned how to use a firearm, is either a Remington Model 870 pump-action shotgun (I prefer the Marine Magnum) or the Mossberg Model 590. You can’t beat a 12-gauge shotgun for home defense!
If possible, obtain a handgun for yourself and each family member. You should make your selection after completing a safety and gun-handling class.
All able-bodied members of your family should take quality instruction in unarmed combat and instruction in the use of a knife, stick, and improvised weapons.
Keep your preparations in this area very low-key. As has been the case with every tyranny, the push for gun control and the demonization of guns/owners is becoming stronger with every passing week.
First Aid. Training in first aid and emergency medicine is wise. Learning about herbal medicine and alternative medical modalities as well can prove a blessing, as getting medical care may become difficult in the future.
How to drive. If you don’t know how to drive, learn! One day soon, you may need this important skill. Don’t rely on Uber and Lyft to always be there when you need it.
Meditation. Learn how to meditate. Quiet your mind. Stop the movie. This will help you in keeping your mental equilibrium during difficult times. It’s good for your health, and it requires only a brief period of time each day.
Cooking. Learn how to cook. Preparing your own food instead of ordering in or going out can save a literal fortune! Cooking is fun, and there are plenty of recipe books and free online videos that can teach you how to prepare any kind of healthful meal you desire.
Grow your own food. If you have the facilities where you live, learn how to grow your own vegetables.
Car maintenance. If you own a vehicle, learn how to do minor maintenance, such as oil changes.
Home repairs. Learn how to do as many home fix-it repairs as you can yourself. You’ll save money, and you’ll avoid having workmen, who are essentially strangers, coming to your house.
We live, as the ancient Chinese curse puts it, in “interesting times.”
The world has always been a feral place, but, up until around 1960, America provided a secure haven in which people could live peacefully, productively, safely, freely, and happily. We had been protected by a government which recognized its obligation to keep its citizenry secure under the Constitution and Bill of Rights that our Founding Fathers – those heroes of history – gave us. This, however, is no longer the case.
I sincerely hope this article has outlined a plan for providing the protection, security, and prosperity (such as is attainable under present circumstances) of you and yours in America.
In closing, I would like to paraphrase something I heard many years ago but whose author I cannot recall:
“In these difficult times, remember to pray to God as though everything was up to Him as you work as hard as you can… as if everything were up to you.” 
Brad Steiner bio:
Brad Steiner has been teaching self-defense and close combat since the late 1960s. Brad is known throughout the world as one of the foremost teachers and authorities on armed and unarmed individual combat, physical training, urban survival, clandestine tradecraft, and cognate disciplines.
He has done pioneering work in the area of mental conditioning for violent combat, and is a licensed hypnotherapist and President of the International Combat Martial Arts Federation (ICMAF).
For 25 years, before the Colonel’s passing, Steiner was a student, colleague, and friend of Col. Rex Applegate. In 1975 Steiner founded the American Combato (Jen•Do•Tao) System of modern all-in combat martial art; this System is now recognized worldwide.
Although only one other individual (Prof. Mark Bryans) is authorized to teach American Combato, Brad has numerous associate teachers in the U.S. and the U.K. who teach excellent methods of self-defense.  Steiner has written many magazine articles and books, and currently writes a monthly newsletter and contributes to three associated web sites. Today, Brad is semi-retired from teaching and lives in Washington State with his wife of 45 years.

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