By Bradley J. Steiner, American Combato
This is really a prelude to the next article on ruthlessness, which, despite our efforts at clarity, may be thought “too extreme” by some. Proof that a percentage (actually a too-damn-large percentage) of so-called “human” beings literally delight in being scum, may be seen even by those who are uninvolved in self-defense and combat studies.
Just look at the phenomenon of releasing computer viruses, and of hacking into others’ computers solely for the purpose of wreaking havoc in those others’ lives. 
About twenty years ago, when we finally got and began to familiarize ourselves with a computer, we asked a student of ours who was a very highly expert computer specialist about the “virus thing” that, at the time, we had only just heard about. “How does that scam work?” we asked him. “Does it pull in big bucks for those who create the viruses?”
His answer momentarily surprised us, and then confirmed the conviction that we have had since childhood—i.e that the “human” species is somewhat of a failed experiment; that “humans” in far too many instances, are crap.
“No, Brad,” he answered simply. “The people who create and send the viruses do it for fun. There’s no money in it.” “For fun.” Seriously ruining others’ records, businesses, personal communications, and documents, etc. is “fun” for that category of s––t who are responsible for computer viruses. Got that?! 
Can you imagine what kind of pathetic, self-hating, despicable scum would derive fun from such an evil, anonymous activity?
Probably not. And that’s a problem.
It is difficult to appreciate the utter lack of humanity, civility, decency, and even, in many cases today, even manners, that many live by. They are the threat.
We would propose merciless measures be leveled against them—like amputation of both arms for computer criminals—but no one would even regard that as acceptable for discussion.
The very sad thing is that, when you “up the ante” so to speak, and demand that both arms of all violent offenders be amputated (assuming that they have not permanently injured or killed anyone, in which case death is the obvious punishment) the idiot majority recoils in horror.
“Oh my God,” they mutter. “That’s ruthless!” 

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