Ukrainian soldiers with flag

While Ukrainian forces continue to face stiff resistance from their Russian opponents—who control about 20 percent of the country and destroyed much of Ukraine—the media continues to sell the propaganda that Kyiv is somehow in the driver’s seat. 

WSWS reported that The New York Times columnist Bret Stephens wrote that the endgame for Ukraine is a “crushing and unmistakable defeat” for Russia while former Gen. David Petraeus was quoted in The Washington Post saying that he believes that Ukraine will be able to accomplish “much more than analysts are predicting.”

The report said the comments have proven to have been “both delusional and self-deluded.”

President Volodymyr Zelensky said Sunday night that his forces are advancing “position by position.” 

“Step by step, we are moving forward,” he said.

Hanna Malyar, a deputy Ukrainian defense minister, said, “It is very difficult to advance.” 

“It may be slow when you look at the numbers, but the progress is confident,” she said, according to the Times.

The WSWS report noted that even while the media continues to try to put a positive spin on the war effort, the realities on the ground are beginning to emerge. The report cited an article in The Guardian that quoted a U.S. official who said the upcoming campaign will likely be “grinding and costly” in this span of many months.

TREND FORECAST:  Other than the few who know the facts and study trends, the vast majority in the West do not question what happens when Ukraine continues to lose their fight against Russia, since the mainstream media continues to sell Washington and NATO’s propaganda that Ukraine is winning the war. 

Zelensky said in an interview last week with NBC News that the demise of Ukraine would also result in the collapse of NATO. 

“If Ukraine would lose, if Russia would occupy Ukraine, Russia will continue going towards Baltic countries, Poland, etcetera,” Zelensky said. “And they will start war with one of the NATO countries, and at this moment, the U.S. would have to choose the collapse of NATO or go to war.”

Thus, it is assumed by us that the United States has supplied Ukraine with nuclear weapons and/or is prepared to strike Russia with nukes. (See “WWIII: U.S. PREPARES FOR POSSIBLE NUCLEAR STRIKE BY RUSSIA IN UKRAINE” 2 May 2023, “READY TO DIE FOR UKRAINE? RUSSIA WARNS OF NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION” 28 Feb 2023 and “UKRAINE HAS NOT SOUGHT NUCLEAR WEAPONS, INTERNATIONAL AGENCY SAYS” 8 Mar 2022.) 

Mad Man

Michael Rubin, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, wrote a column in favor of the U.S. providing Ukraine with a nuclear weapon, according to the WSWS report.

Rubin said Washington should threaten to provide Ukraine with these weapons and require no assurances on how Kyiv plans to use them.

“What Biden should instead do is tell Russia clearly that any use of nuclear weapons of any size against Ukraine will lead to U.S. provision of the same types of nuclear weapons to Ukraine without any controls on where and how Ukraine might use them,” Rubin argued. “The non-proliferation mafia might howl with outrage, but the West must gear its nuclear policy toward reality, not wishful thinking or an empty façade of a treaty regimen by which revisionist states no longer abide.”

Russia claimed that Ukraine attempted to obtain nuclear weapons before the invasion, which Kyiv denied. 

Rafael Grossi, the director general of the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency, said in 2022 that the agency has no “information that there is any deviation of material, any undeclared material or activities leading to the development of nuclear weapons” in Ukraine.

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