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By Gregory Mannarino
Make no mistake about it.
In world history, there is no bigger rigged game than the U.S. markets. The recent price action of the U.S. stock market goes way beyond wild speculation… it is a crime.
It is a crime because the Federal Reserve is being allowed to hyper-pump the entire system with monetary methadone, and, in my opinion, it is just the beginning. This crime in progress is extending deep into the political arena, with White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin not allowing “We The People” to know which corporations received public bailouts to the tune of half a trillion dollars.
I will give you a hint as to why you are not allowed to know which companies received bailouts: year-end bonuses. If the public were made aware of which companies got public bailout funds, they would be furious to hear the CEOs of these companies were getting millions, perhaps even tens of millions, in year-end bonuses.
The crime of the markets extends into crude oil as well, whose price action also has no bearing on reality and is being artificially propped up. Most people have some idea that the high price of crude provides a boost to the energy sector, but most have no idea that high crude prices also boost the entire financial sector.
And not only do investment banks have tremendous investments in crude oil, they also provide the funding for big oil.
Epic sums of monetary methadone are being pumped into the markets by the Federal Reserve via their own trading desk. Yes – the New York Fed has a trading desk! The Federal Reserve also is funneling cash directly to investment banks and hedge funds to buy the market.
Additionally, the Fed is involved in making sure Kudlow and Mnuchin do not allow public knowledge of who got bailed out, as not only does the Fed run the entire monetary charade, they also call all the shots.
Where do you think these bailout funds came from? Directly from the Federal Reserve.
The current mechanism is assuring one thing: the stock market goes higher. If we tie this all together, the picture gets even clearer.
The year-end bonuses of the corporate elite are based on year-end stock share price. We know the market is being artificially pumped higher, has no bearing on reality, no real price discovery, nor any resemblance of a true price mechanism behind it. We also know there will be no public disclosure of who got bailed out. So, the door is wide open, again, for the corporate elite to reap many millions in year-end bonuses via public bailouts and sky-high stock share prices.
Today’s markets are the political and corporate crime of the century.
My only question is: how long will the American people tolerate this rampant corruption?

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