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by Joseph Maxwell
With most eyes glued to the TV, lost in the Presstitute’s hysteric narrative is the scientific data of how the unprecedented draconian lockdown orders issued by politicians will kill hundreds of thousands more than the coronavirus… just in America.
A 16 April report from the Center on Poverty & Social Policy at Columbia University, “Forecasting Estimates of Poverty During the COVID-19 Crisis,” states that if the U.S. unemployment rate hits 30 percent, as Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard predicts, the poverty rate will rise from 12.4 to 18.9 percent.
With the current U.S. population around 329 million, the Center’s estimate would increase the number of Americans living below the poverty line from 40.7 million to some 62.1 million.
That is over 21 million suddenly forced into poverty by the economic shutdown!
Worse than Before
A 2011 study by Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health concluded that poverty, combined with other associated categories, such as income inequality and low levels of education, caused 874,000 U.S. deaths in the year 2000.
Since 33.3 million Americans lived in poverty in that year, those 874,000 deaths amounted to a 2.62 percent mortality rate among the impoverished.
If we apply this 2.62 percent mortality rate to the 21 million Americans soon to be impoverished as a result of the shutdowns, that comes to 550,200 who are likely to die in just the first year alone!
Let us not forget, this is on top of the 1.06 million or 2.62 percent of the 40.7 million already in poverty who were destined to die before the shutdowns were imposed.
So, when we compare the current U.S. figure of 58,568 deaths from COVID-19 to the projected additional 550,200 deaths caused by the shutdowns, it is reasonable to assume that by deeds of the politicians’ economic shutdown, they will be responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of more people than the virus will.

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