Special Forces Or Private Military Contractors

How proud Washington is, and how the U.S. media keeps bragging that the U.S. military is training Ukrainians to fight the Russians. The same U.S. military that has spent scores of trillions to kill tens of millions since World War II… and lost every war it has fought since then. 

These Ukrainian troops are not up against a rag-tag group of insurgents; they’re up against the most lethal military on Earth: the Russians. 

As we forecast before the Ukraine War began, despite support by NATO and the U.S., Russia will be victorious. And before the Ukrainian counteroffensive began, we had said it would be another losing Ukraine battle. The New York Times reported last week that Ukraine’s military have “yet to make the kinds of sweeping gains that characterized their success in the strategically important cities of Kherson and Kharkiv in the fall.” 

The Ukrainians have abandoned the idea of carrying the day with overwhelming force and are now making surgical strikes on Russian targets and with artillery. The paper said NATO’s hopes for major advances—based on the amount of weapons provided—have not panned out. (See “PUTIN AGREES WITH TRENDS JOURNAL: ‘DON’T COUNT ON UKRAINE’S COUNTEROFFENSIVE’” 18 Jul 2023, “U.S. ADMITS WHAT WE HAD FORECAST: UKRAINE’S COUNTEROFFENSIVE CONTRACTING, RUSSIAN CAPABILITIES UNDERESTIMATED” 11 Jul 2023, “AS FORECAST: DON’T COUNT ON UKRAINE’S COUNTEROFFENSIVE” 5 Jul 2023, and “UKRAINE’S COUNTEROFFENSIVE: A BLOODY MESS, WILL KYIV GO NUCLEAR?” 20 Jun 2023.)

“The problem was in the assumption that with a few months of training, Ukrainian units could be converted into fighting more the way American forces might fight, leading the assault against a well-prepared Russian defense, rather than helping Ukrainians fight more the best way they know how,” Michael Kofman, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, told The New York Times. 

Cracks began to emerge last week when The Wall Street Journal, another paper that has been fully on Ukraine’s side, reported that military leaders in the West knew all along that Ukraine did not have the training, weapons, or logistics to wage a successful counteroffensive. The hope was that Ukrainian forces would wage a miracle counteroffensive based on bravery and grit and would win the day.

“They haven’t. Deep and deadly mind fields, extensive fortifications, and Russian air power have combined to largely block significant advances by Ukrainian troops,” the report said.

TRENDPOST: The Times report last week was unusually sober from a paper that has been promoting the virtues of supporting Ukraine throughout. And it noted that there is inherently a lot on the line for Washington.

Russian leaders like to mock the West when their military makes scrap metal out of U.S. M1 Abrams tanks, and The Times said in the first two weeks of the counteroffensive, Russia destroyed about 20 percent of the weapons provided by the West. 

It was also the Biden administration’s hope that Russia would be left in shock and awe of how Ukrainians fought having been taught the American approach to warfare, the report said.  

Jake Sullivan, President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, told the Aspen forum last week that Ukraine still has a substantial amount of combat power that it has not yet committed to the fight, and it is trying to choose its moment to commit that combat power to the fight when it will have the maximum impact on the battlefield.”

As Gerald Celente points out, the U.S. has not won a major war since WWII, and that was largely after Russian troops defeated Germany. We’ve had a string of disasters in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. 

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