A report that was released last Tuesday from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence warned that China is the biggest international threat to the United States.
The report said China’s Communist Party will continue “its whole-of-government efforts to spread China’s influence, undercut that of the United States, drive wedges between Washington and its allies and partners, and foster new international norms that favor the authoritarian Chinese system.”
The intelligence agency also included Russia, Iran, and North Korea as national top threats.
In our 16 February article, “CHINA TASK FORCE: U.S. APPROACH TO BEIJING,” we reported President Biden announced a task force that will form policy to counter China during his term in the White House after he called Beijing “our most serious competitor.”
Biden told workers at the Pentagon that the U.S. will “meet the China challenge” by taking a “whole-of-government effort, bipartisan cooperation in Congress, and strong alliances and partnerships.”
The assessment, which was released last Tuesday, said China will continue its pressure campaign on Taiwan to reunify with the mainland after its crackdown in Hong Kong. 
Note: We have forecast that the U.S. – despite its bluster – will not intervene militarily in the conflict if push comes to shove since America has not won a war since World War II and has been unable to defeat minor military forces.
The intelligence report also downplays the chances for peace in Afghanistan due to gains by the Taliban military in the country. The Taliban backed out of peace talks last week.
No Surprise
Reaffirming what we have long forecast, the agency also predicts that migration to the U.S. will continue to surge due to a confluence of reasons, including financial hardships faced by Central Americans and “perceived changes in U.S. immigration policies” under President Biden. 
The report also claimed climate change will continue to threaten the U.S., and other countries will be impacted in different ways, including food supply and infrastructure. Conflicts will break out due to an increased likelihood of fights for resources.
TREND FORECAST: Before the COVID War was launched last year, the great fear the media and politicians were promoting was “climate change.”
Get ready for “Climate Change 2.0”! 
While fighting the COVID War will remain a major fear and hysteria selling point throughout this year and next as drug dealers push the public to get yearly COVID shots, politicians stay on power trips, and the media wants to continue boosting its sagging ratings, climate change will come back and be promoted as a top threat to life on Earth. 

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