Freedom House issued a report last week that listed the U.S. below countries like Mongolia and Argentina in its global freedom rankings.
The Independent reported that the position marks an 11-point drop over the past ten years and pins the blame on the political tension, the influence of money in politics, and racial inequality. 
“Dropping 11 points is unusual, especially for an established democracy, because they tend to be more stable in our scores,” Sarah Repucci, the vice president of research and analysis at the watchdog, said, according to the paper. The report noted the U.S. received an 83 out of 100. The countries that received the highest scores were Norway, Sweden, and Finland. 
The U.S. is tied with Romania and Croatia on the list.
TRENDPOST: By its deeds and actions, America, the nation that launches wars under the guise of bringing “Freedom and Democracy,” has declined into third-world freedom status. The loss of Constitutional and Bill of Rights greatly accelerated following 9/11 and has now reached unprecedented government control/censorship levels since the COVID-19 War was launched in March 2020. It should also be noted that March is the “march off to war” month that Americans marched off to the Iraq and Libyan Wars. 

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