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Last week, the U.S. Senate made it clear that politicians, both Republican and Democrat, are not interested in protecting the privacy rights of their constituents. Last Wednesday, they voted to reauthorize the right of law enforcement officials to spy on citizens’ web browsing histories without getting a warrant.
A small group of dissenting senators had offered up an amendment to curb this invasion of privacy, but the amendment was defeated.
The self-proclaimed Democratic-Socialist senator, Bernie Sanders, who, last February, when he was trying to win the Democratic nomination to run for President, called for the senate not to reauthorize the surveillance measure… didn’t show up for the vote.
In March, the Democratic-controlled House easily defeated a similar amendment to curb government spying by vote of 278-136.
As for any sign of check and balances, among the Democrats, who backed giving the government expanded surveillance powers over U.S. citizens, were representatives Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff, who have been out front attacking President Trump and Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on practically every other issue.
The Senate renewal of the surveillance measure extends through December 2023.
It should be noted that this expansive surveillance bill, which gives the government and its police force the right to spy on citizens, is called the “USA Freedom Act.”
TRENDPOST: There was very little coverage in the media of this overt abrogation of citizens’ Constitutional and Bill of Rights. Indeed, this is a continuation of the “Robbing of Freedom Acts” that were pushed through immediately after 9/11… with the vast majority of Congressional and public support.

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