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As we have been reporting since the COVID-19 outbreak, across America and around the world, the vast majority of those dying from COVID are the elderly, particularly those with significant pre-existing health issues and living in nursing homes.
In many European countries, the number of deaths from elder care homes is around 50 percent. In the U.S., while many states have yet to report eldercare deaths, with the data provided, they range around 40 percent. Remember, when the virus first America, it struck nursing homes in Washington State.
Now Canada has reported that 81 percent of its coronavirus fatalities were in nursing homes.
And yet, despite this, New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, who polls continue to show is one of the most popular politicians in the country for his lockdown initiatives, made a fatal mistake.
When Governor Cuomo decided to lift the mandate that nursing homes only accept patients from hospitals who tested negative for COVID-19, the number of deaths from the virus escalated dramatically. To date, some 5,000 elder care patients have died of the virus.
Realizing the fatal error, on 10 May, the State reversed the governor’s mandate.
Ignoring his 20 March lockdown orders and rules, “If somebody wants to blame someone or complain about someone, blame me. There is no one else who is responsible for this decision,” said Cuomo, now insisting the change isn’t a condemnation of his order.
The Governor said his nursing home policies were similar to other states and that if a nursing home is not capable of properly treating a patient, “It must transfer them to a place that can. Period.”
Ignoring that Cuomo’s policy of transferring elderly ill people to nursing homes caused hundreds, if not thousands, of deaths, again, while the media adores Cuomo and he’s a public hero, also unreported is his 5 May attack on those who wanted to reopen businesses when he said it wasn’t worth the life of one person. “There’s a cost of staying closed,” he said. “There is a cost or reopening too quickly. A human life is priceless. Period.”
TRENDPOST: As we noted several times in our Trends in The News broadcasts and in the Trends Journal, when King Cuomo answers a question or makes a statement he does not want to be challenged on, his ending sentence is “Period.”
Across the U.S., an estimated 40 percent of deaths from COVID-19 are connected to long-term elder care facilities. In fact, since many states have still not reported their eldercare COVID-19 death rate data, the percentage may be much higher.
 As we have continually reported, despite this hard fact, the media generally ignores that healthy people are not dying from the virus and the vast majority are chronically ill elderly.
 TRENDPOST: Totally absent from both politicians and the media are suggestions that, at a time when the virus is running loose, preventative measures such as building one’s immune system and getting in strong physical and emotional shape are natural healing remedies to best stay fit and healthy.
 No! Instead, equity markets spike, as they did yesterday by 911 points, and hope returns when there is breaking news that it doesn’t matter what shape you’re in, whether or not you’re obese, eat junk food, are hooked on Big Pharma drugs with deadly side effects, and do not exercise. A vaccine may be on the way!
Governor Cuomo’s order to lift the mandate giving nursing homes the right to refuse untested patients was made because he and his advisors assumed there would be a shortage of hospital space.
There wasn’t a shortage. The death tolls were saturated in the metropolitan New York City area.
Absent from Cuomo’s recent cover-up for taking the blame was his order that specified nursing homes could not reject admitting a patient “based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19.”
The governor had been warned about the dangers of his order. The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine (AMDA) had issued a statement that any infected patient admitted into a nursing home was a “clear and present danger.”
The advocacy group’s executive director, Christopher Laxton, said he is “completely convinced there has been a higher level of spread in nursing homes, and both acute illness and death, because of the New York directive.”
When the daughter of an elderly patient in an NYS nursing home was told her mother was being moved to a different facility to make room for newly arriving coronavirus patients, she said, “I was speechless… I’m thinking, this cannot be happening.”
According to an analysis of federal data, New York ranks low when it comes to adequately staffing nursing homes.
TRENDPOST: Also totally absent in the mainstream media and politicians selling COVID Hysteria is the fact that among hardest-hit states and nations are those, such as New York, that have been locked down the tightest.
Among several unlocked-down states, such as Utah and Wyoming, although in most instances there are restrictions, and it is still not business as usual, virus deaths are minimal.

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