Over in the U.K., Boris Johnson’s government is dealing with a scandal. But it’s not a huge, headline-grabbing sex-and-spy scandal, like the Profumo affair back in the swinging ’60s that roiled (and eventually helped bring down) the government of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. 
No, this is a scandal of the COVID War… an uproar over a Christmas party that lying Johnson said didn’t happen because of strict lockdown mandates he imposed on the nation… but it did.
The Financial Times reports, on 9 December, that Johnson had addressed the House of Commons the previous day and had promised a full investigation of allegations that, on 18 December 2020, a Christmas party had been held at Number 10 Downing Street, which is the headquarters of the British government and also the Prime Minister’s residence. 
The alleged party was allegedly attended by government and office staff, some of whom were also seen in a later video allegedly joking about the party. But the party was alleged to have taken place while London was under strict COVID-19 lockdown, and while such gatherings were forbidden to be held. 
Johnson has apologized “unreservedly” for how “infuriating” it must be for the country to have the “impression” that “the people who have been setting the rules have not been following them,” and said he himself had been told that no such party had occurred and that no COVID rules had been broken.
TRENDPOST: Is anyone else reminded of the old joke in which a man accused of rape declares “That wasn’t me, I wasn’t there, and anyway, that’s not even the woman I raped!”?
In the video, Johnson’s staffers are allegedly mocking accusations of having attended a Christmas party by suggesting that, “It wasn’t a party. It was cheese and wine.” 
Johnson was accused by Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the opposition Labour Party, of “taking the public for fools.” “They knew there was a party,” he said, “they knew it was against the rules, they knew they couldn’t admit it, and they thought it was funny.”
Johnson’s press secretary, who had appeared in the video, has since resigned, saying it had not been her intention to “appear to make light of the rules,” and adding, “I will regret those remarks for the rest of my days.”
Johnson’s former education secretary was also alleged to have held a Christmas party during last year’s lockdown, and a spokesperson confirmed that “a gathering” had occurred, and apologized.
The concern is that such allegations of officials breaking their own rules will undermine the new, more stringent requirements for mask-wearing and vax passports that have just been announced to deal with the new, more contagious Omicron variant.
TRENDPOST: It is a sick joke that the cast of clowns across the political stage and top of the business spectrum “apologize” for their lies and deceit. These pathological sociopaths and psychopaths only apologize for getting caught and not for the moral crimes they have committed. 
TRENDPOST: As Trends Journal has noted in the past, politicians around the world love to make up rules and force ordinary people to obey them—see “COVID RULES & REGULATIONS: POLITICIANS MAKING THEM UP AS THEY GO” (26 May 2020)—while frequently exempting themselves from compliance; see “FACE MASKS: ENOUGH ALREADY” (12 Oct 2021) and scroll down to “Hypocrites and liars all.”
Gerald Celente adds: “Like wars—they start them, but never fight them.”
Furthermore, “The morons that invented the long list of COVID regulations to abide by are of the same imbecilic bureaucratic class that forced us to hide under our school desks in air-raid drills during the Cold War. The vast majority obeyed, never questioning the stupidity that if an atom bomb were dropped, how would being under a desk save lives?”

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