On 3 October, 66 doctors, all general practitioners in the U.K., sent a letter to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, emphatically criticizing the harm being caused by the continued lockdown.
The letter called into question the government’s “one track” response edicts, which were causing more physical and psychological suffering than the virus itself. Among key points brought up in the letter to Health Secretary Hancock:

  • “We urgently wish you to consider non-COVID harms and deaths with equal standing as the reported deaths from COVID.”
  • “We fully supported the first lockdown when little was known about the virus. The position is now transformationally different: after the short, initial lockdown phase, the harms to long-term health and wellbeing begin to outweigh the benefits… Now is a critical pivotal point: we must recognize our duty to do no harm.”
  • “A total of 30,260 excess deaths have occurred in private homes since March but less than 1 in 10 are due to Covid-19.”
  • “There is a concerning signal that child suicide death rates in the U.K. increased during lockdown and amongst those reported after lockdown, restriction to education and other activities, disruption to care and support services, tensions at home and isolation appeared to be contributing factors.”
  •  “We do not wish to undermine the seriousness of pandemic management, but the wider harm to babies, children, young people and adults of all ages can no longer be ignored.”

Dire Data
On 15 May, the Guardian reported on disclosures by the U.K.’s Royal College of Psychologists: “People with no history of mental illness are developing serious psychological problems for the first time as a result of the lockdown, amid growing stresses over isolation, job insecurity, relationship breakdown and bereavement, the Royal College of Psychiatrists has disclosed.”
On 1 June, MIND, the U.K. non-profit group which advocates for those with mental health issues, published a report stating,
“More than two thirds of adults with mental health problems reported that their mental health got worse during lockdown.
As a direct consequence of the pandemic and all that follows, many people who were previously well will now develop mental health problems… Restrictions on seeing people, being able to go outside, and worries about the health of family and friends are the key factors driving poor mental health.”
One of the young people interviewed for the study responded, “The lockdown is the biggest problem because I rely on being able to see the people I love as a coping mechanism for my anxiety and depression.”
On 29 June, GP Online, the U.K. website for general practitioner physicians, cited data from the Office for National Statistics revealing that “a fifth of patients on shielding lists say their underlying condition has worsened during the pandemic – with nearly a third unable to access some or all care.”
GP Online also cited Cancer Research UK, which found close to 2.5 million patients had important cancer testing delayed due to breakdowns in the system caused by the lockdown.
Government Response: More Lockdown
Despite data showing the serious consequences of continued lockdowns and the recent letter from 66 physicians, last Friday, new restrictions were being imposed in various locations around the U.K. due to a rise in cases.
The Guardian reported that as of Friday at midnight, more than half of the population throughout the nation, including London, are now under high or very high-alert restrictions. According to the official government website, restrictions include:

  • “You must not meet socially with friends and family indoors in any setting unless you live with them or have formed a support bubble with them. This includes private homes, and any other indoor venues such as pubs and restaurants.

A support bubble is where a household with one adult joins with another household. Households in that support bubble can still visit each other, stay overnight, and visit public places together.”

  • “Meeting in larger groups than 6 is against the law… The police can take action against you if you meet in larger groups. This includes breaking up illegal gatherings and issuing fines (£200 for first offense, up to £6,400 for additional offenses and £10,000 for illegal gatherings of over 30 people).”

One local politician accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson of blackmail after Mr. Johnson threatened to cut off financial aid from any district not in compliance with the new restrictions.
As with many lockdown impositions, the rules are arbitrary. For example, a gym in one area must close while another only a few miles away can remain open. The mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, called the recent rules a “shambles,” tweeting, “Inconsistent mess, we now have tier 3A and tier 3B. Are gym users in Lancashire more safe than those in the Liverpool region?”
Health Secretary Matt Hancock, the recipient of the letter from the 66 U.K. physicians, though harshly critical of the medical and psychological consequences of lockdowns, continues to defend the new restrictions on freedom. Last Friday, Mr. Hancock said, “Without them, we risk the health of your loved ones, your most vulnerable, and your local NHS services. Now is the time to play your part, and we will make sure you are supported.”
TRENDPOST: As we have reported since the beginning of the COVID War, name the country, name the state, name the city. From time limits when eating in pubs to how family members can meet, to capacity limitations in restaurants/entertainment venues/weddings/funerals, etc. and varied social distances depending on where you are in the world, politicians, with the backing of their “scientific experts” (i.e., bureaucrats who suck up, bow down, and do what they are told) are making up draconian rules and regulations without a scintilla of scientific evidence or hard data to justify them.
Again, these are the same class of imbecilic sociopaths and psychopaths who forced children to hide under their desks in air raid drills to protect them if an atom bomb was dropped… as if that would do anything.
TRENDPOST: Totally absent from media coverage is the questioning of dictatorial orders that permit the peasants of Slavelandia to sit down and eat at a restaurant without having to wear a mask (whether inside or outside), but must put one on when standing up… as though the virus dies at table height but spreads above it.
Furthermore, the idiocy of sitting outside with tables separated by six feet and/or standing in line socially distanced, or how many people can attend a wedding, funeral etc., is equally unscientific and moronic, since the wind blows more than six feet and comes from changing directions.
TRENDPOST: Not only are made up rules such as capacity limitations, servers wearing dirty mask all day, etc., depriving people of the social and culinary restaurant experience, it has destroyed the restaurant business and the life’s work of millions of people.

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