The United Kingdom—which has said eight in ten adults have received at least one COVID-19 jab—or 47 percent of its adult population vaccinated, according to Our World in Data, the nation recorded more virus infections on Thursday since mid-February.
And where did the infections come from? The government blamed the new Delta variant.
There have been more than 11,000 new cases reported on Thursday and 19 deaths. Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, said the new infections will surely lead to more hospitalizations and deaths. “The Height of that surge is still uncertain and we’ll have to see how this goes over the next several weeks,” he said.
The National Health Service on Friday called on anyone 18 or older in the country to sign up for a shot. Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the vaccination campaign one “of our country’s greatest collective achievements, saving over 14,000 lives so far.”
TREND FORECAST: Just as we had forecast, governments will be spreading “Delta Variant Fear” coming to a country near you when the weather turns cold. Indeed, Chris Whitty said that the NHS should prepare for another wave of infections by time winter rolls around. Thus, there will be a strong push for demands that people young and old are fully vaccinated… and penalties and restrictions for those who refuse the jab. 

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