Born on third base and thought he hit a home run, like the Gangsters who run Wall Street, the banking system, governments, military, and police… Donald Trump had it all.

Rich as Richie Rich, he got everything he wanted… yet it was never enough.

Made millions, lost millions, Reality Show TV star… try as he did, “The Donald” couldn’t get in with the “in crowd.”

He built his own country clubs because the White Shoe Boys wouldn’t let him join theirs.

Even though Trump is one of them at their lowest, greedy levels:

  • Enough is never enough.
  • Junkies.
  • Addicts.
  • Hooked on money.
  • Drugged on power.
  • Lie, cheat, steal, murder, start wars, kill millions to make trillions.

The White Shoe Boys… 

They come in all races, creeds, colors, and genders.

Obama, Bush, Clinton…Hillary, Condaleeza, Madeline… the chapters of their murderous deeds and double dealing are available for any open-minded person who wants to watch, look, and listen. 

Too-Big-to-Fail, Too-Big-to-Jail. They rob you blind.

Disgusting Boys and Rotten Girls. 

Always proper with words and appearance.

But unlike Trump who shows it, they know how to hide it. 

Coup Time

Against all odds but forecast in the May 2016 Trends Journal that Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton, America’s Reality Show Champ is now above them all and in charge.

They want their power back.

They want him out.

He has to go! 

Who Trump is and what he does is who they are: pathological liars, cowards, psychopaths, sociopaths, egomaniacal, deranged, power-hungry, money-hungry freaks. 

But unlike President Trump, who shows and tells who he is, White Shoe Boy Gangsters pretend to be of a higher order. 

He Has to Go!

They’ll fight, kill, and lie to get Trump out so they can get back in. 

Impeaching Trump for wanting to dig up dirt on how Joe Biden’s boy Hunter made $3 million for doing nothing and knowing nothing is a crime?

Sure, Trump is doing it to weaken Biden. So what? That’s what they do. 
It’s a true story in front of everyone’s eyes how corrupt, murderous, and immoral the political system is.

Some little shithead of a boy getting $3 million is just part of the payoff.

Steal a few billion here, a couple of million there from the plantation workers of Slavelandia and call it “Foreign aid.”

“Aid” to enrich themselves: Hunter Biden, John Kerry’s stepson of the Heinz 57 variety, the Military Industrial Complex, Big Oil, Big Ag… and all the other thousands of dirty deals they can pull off. 

Where is the Outrage!

Spies: watching, listening and following everything the President of the United States of America does.
And what did they do?

The “Whistle Blowers” ratted out Trump for trying to find out how dirty was the dirty Ukraine deal that Joe Biden pulled off for his son.
America, the Land of the Free?

Where is the Outrage!

Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden.

Whistle blowers of the highest order.

For exposing the criminal acts of the criminal class, they are the criminals.

How low can Amerika go?

Where is the future heading?

What to do, what to consider?

It’s all in your Trends Journal

Reading that matters 

Prepare, Prevail, Prosper.

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