Trends Journal to launch Presidential Reality Show®

Global forecaster Gerald Celente, whose Trends Journal was the first magazine in the world to predict Donald Trump would win the White House, announced that his Trends Research Institute has been awarded the Presidential Reality Show® trademark, a phrase he coined to describe the presidential campaigns even before Trump, a true reality TV star, entered the race.

After two years of vigorous analysis demonstrating how the presidential race and now Trump’s early reign in the White House has indeed become a “game show void of substance and any speck of meaning,” Celente says the trademark is part of a bold strategy to create innovative, multiplatform content to counter-punch the absence of meaningful, unbiased coverage from the mainstream media.

In just his first 100 days in office, Trump has not only broken essential campaign promises, from his stance on NATO being obsolete, to flip-flopping on China being a currency manipulator, he has accelerated the march to war on several fronts.

Within days, the United States launched a massive missile strike against Syria, dropped the “mother of all bombs” on Afghanistan, incited concern of nuclear confrontation with North Korea, and announced new military operations in Somalia. And now the US claims Iran threatens Israel with ballistic missiles and warns of reprisal.

Indeed, countries across the globe fear Trump’s erratic, unpredictable actions could trigger World War III.

Dumbing down

But mainstream media coverage has been predictably stuck in Presidential Reality Show® mode. From spewing an endless stream of anti-Russian propaganda, to chasing down meaningless Trump tweets, the news cycle isn’t driven by actual news. It’s driven by masked agendas and blatant biases.

The six corporations that own, run and manipulate 90 percent of the media landscape plaster the same predictable “expert” voices and sources in coverage who ceaselessly retrench the same viewpoints designed to drive the audience and advertising bottom-line preferences of their corporate puppeteers.

“Issues of life and death, geopolitical turmoil, social unrest, the economic future of the nation, foreign policy, the never-ending War on Terror… are all being debased to conform to imbecilic, sound-bite content that drives big bucks from advertisers for commercials on the Presidential Reality Show®,” Celente said.

There has never been a more urgent time, he argues, for fresh, vibrant, meaningful coverage to amplify — with smarts, humor, creativity and guts — the lunacy unfolding in the White House.

Calling a spade a spade

With the Presidential Reality Show® brand secured, and a wealth of deep trend-based analysis already forming a strong foundation for his initiative, Celente is promising a vigorous, multidimensional assault on the “Barnum and Bailey” nature of geo-politics and the mainstream media’s coverage.

The effort will include a weekly Web broadcast blending his signature cutting-edge, fact-based commentary with live music and humor to call out the hollow promises, blatant stupidity and masked agendas in the race that the media routinely ignore or merely brush over.


In addition to the weekly broadcast, Celente will use his quarterly Trends Journal magazine, the Trends Monthly newsletter and his weekly Trend Alerts, all widely read by the institute’s worldwide subscriber base, to produce special editions dedicated to the Presidential Reality Show®.

A vigorous social media strategy and media outreach will round out the effort.   TJ

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