Trends In The News: Prepare for your future

Mainstream news is nothing more than junk news, hype and propaganda. If you’re not watching Gerald Celente’s Trends In The News each weeknight, you’re not staying on top of vital, essential news and, more importantly, staying ahead of the trends that affect your bottom line and quality of life.

Trends In The News with Celente is a fearless, passionate broadcast breaking down trends as they take shape. Unlike corporate news, Celente’s broadcasts are fact based, not agenda driven.

A recent Harvard University study has found that most Americans believe mainstream media publish fake news. The Harvard study concluded that 65 percent of voters do not trust mainstream sources of news. And that’s voters from both parties.

Celente’s track record for delivering unique globalnomic insights and forecasting the trends that directly affect you, your country and the world is unsurpassed. And here’s the good news, Trends In The News is included in your subscription.

To watch History Before It Happens, tune in at 8:30 p.m. each weekday. 

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