Over the last 50 years, we’ve seen a steady decline in trust in politics and institutions, especially in the western world. The millennial generation is, as of today, the most untrustworthy cohort since such things have been tracked. Early Millennials, born from 1982-89, have shown to be disinterested in political action and social advocacy. They only vote when pushed by propaganda; otherwise, they make relatively uninformed choices. Data are still in their early stages on Late Millennials (born 1990-2000), but recently they’ve shown to be more active in protesting perceived injustice.

Time will tell the truth on apathy in the millennial generation, but at this stage, it’s more likely that apathy swells, allowing complete upheaval in political and social systems. It was already showing signs of happening in 2015 throughout the western world. The trend lines show true upheaval isn’t far away — possibly even five to 10 years.

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