There is a trend line that grows more distinct and owns a measurable niche in this world — and in the next few years, it will grow even stronger. It can’t be found anywhere in the existing paradigm. But if you glance outside the paradigm, you will find legions of physicians embracing whole health and well-being practices. Growing groups of people are waking up and following healthy diets and lifestyles to prevent and reverse serious illnesses that the medical elite deem unpreventable and incurable. 

Products and services created by these practitioners will grow more effective and find welcoming audiences in longevity centers, healing emporiums, health camps and other group settings that bring together a variety of natural healing and well-being disciplines into a single setting.

These will grow and become even more viable economically. However, as they grow in popularity and expand internationally, they will remain a niche compared to the medical industrial complex.

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