On the commercial end of business and social side of life, down-and-out millennials and a stressed-out general public yearn for any port that provides emotional respite from the constant fear-and-hysteria storm that politicians promote and the media sell. They will be tapping in to a new cultural-profit trend with long-term potential.

Beyond the speakeasies that now dot city streets, swank, “natural,” calming, genteel and sophisticated night club/dinner and dance-club environments will attract a clientele spanning generations. Essentially, such spaces do not exist today.

Savvy marketers and entrepreneurs understand that by winning over leading-edge millennials, the rest will follow. Those in the fashion, art and entertainment worlds that respond to this trend early will set the stage and the tone for Retrograde 2.0 — retrofitting the best of the past to create the future with enhanced levels of quality that are 21st-century unique.

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