What is continually omitted from the propaganda presstitute coverage are the Saudi war crimes and aggression against Yemen, an innocent country that has a right to defend itself and attack the attacker.

In a broader sense, this is the same murderous mentality that prevails throughout most of the Western world.

For example, it is fine for the United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Canada and its coalition of the killing to murder millions in wars they declare against sovereign nations they occupy.

But when citizens of those nations retaliate, they are condemned by politicians and presstitutes as radicals, terrorists and militants who have no regard for human life, no moral standing and commit these heinous acts because they hate freedom and democracy.

This “we can kill you, but you can’t kill us” trend remains the greatest threat to world security.

And in the worsening Yemen/Saudi war, this self-aggrandizing sanctifies to the kingdom and its powerful allies the rationale to destroy and kill under the guise of protecting its national sovereignty.

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