Liberals, progressives and leftists… these are antiquated, meaningless labels of what they once symbolized. With high voter distrust toward the party by millennials who believe the nomination of their candidate, Bernie Sanders, was stolen by Democratic Party leaders, older Democrats have proven they are unable to revitalize or redirect the party. There is no progressive movement driving the Democratic Party, and in the world of corporate broadcast/newspaper ownership, there is no such thing as a “liberal media.”
With Trump, whose approval ratings are setting new lows for a first-year president, the vapors of what was once The Left have launched its resistance movement: Just say “no way” to any GOP initiative. But it has no leader, no focus, no energy, no purpose, no passion and no forward motion. And neither do the Republicans.
In his 1989 book “Trend Tracking,” Gerald Celente predicted the emergence of a new third party, and identified Ross Perot as the type of political maverick who would appeal to voters disenchanted with both parties.
Today, dissatisfaction with both parties is higher than ever.
The stage is set for the emergence of a third party.
But rather than simply mirroring the European populist brand, the US will see the ripening of a “progressive-libertarian” movement. Thus, we forecast that within the decade, there will be a real third-party movement in America that will challenge what has essentially become a two-headed, one-party system.

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