The Obama years ended with him vigorously campaigning for Hillary Clinton in her race against Donald Trump. No president in history campaigned harder for his potential successor than Obama did, pleading with voters to support Clinton and, thus, endorse his legacy. His campaigning capped off the stunning failure of war-hawk and pseudo-liberal Clinton to generate enough enthusiasm to beat what the polls say was the weakest presidential candidate in history. The result? What was left of the Left was annihilated. Liberals, Progressives and Leftists… these are antiquated, meaningless labels of what they once symbolized. With high voter disgust for Democrats, as exemplified by not only by the presidential election, but massive election losses on federal and state House levels, and high distrust among the huge millennial generation who believe the nomination of their candidate, Bernie Sanders, was stolen by Democratic Party leaders, the progressive movement and its so-called liberal media have no focus, energy, purpose or passion. The fish rots from the head down. And the Left, which professes “progressive” values such as being anti-war, anti-big brother and anti-big corporation but remained silent when Obama launched wars, expanded government surveillance, pushed for global trade and let Wall Street banksters go free, helped build the stage for the coming of Trump. There’s a phrase in Jungian circles that the Left should heed… it’s time they “eat their shadow.”

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