The new “smart” will be in the flow of the shift from atoms to bits Kelly describes:

Dematerialization: Access is far more important than ownership of things.

Remixing: Re-combining content in new and innovative ways.


Collaboration: Less emphasis on competition and more development of high-level social/emotional intelligence that computers do not have.

The scale of what intelligence is becoming is hard to absorb. Many observers of AI development fear we will continue to give up more and more of who we are to computer intelligence. But what is clear is the need for the human brain to take advantage of the “remixing” environment that continues to emerge, a shift away from private/competitive acquisition to a more collaborative/innovative mindset.
Evolution is now in our hands.

We have given our species the name, “homo sapiens,” from the Latin, meaning “the wise one.” The exponential speed and intensity at which evolution is moving is too much for us to handle as individuals. A new, collaborative, more global mind is being seeded.
Do we have the wisdom to help it grow?

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