Functional hardware delivering clean water increasingly will be seen as a human right and an economic-development tool. Sales of filters and other home remedies for contamination will be a growth area for investors and entrepreneurs.
Water-use monitoring technologies for the home, business and water companies will explode.

Private water companies that can meet local needs will thrive as municipalities continue to be hard-pressed to fund water-system repairs from debt or tax dollars.
The need for clean water, like clean food, remains a powerful mega trend. In a future defined by long-term water shortages and water-quality issues, investors will partner with governments to turn clean water into an export industry.

As Celente wrote almost 30 years ago in his 1990 book, Trend Tracking:
“…Remember how in “The Graduate” the guy took Dustin Hoffman aside and told him what the big opportunity was? “Plastics,” he said.”

Well, that was in the 1960s.

Now, it’s water.

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