In October, a Washington, D.C., appeals court dealt a setback to a longstanding, multi-party series of lawsuits against several cellphone producers, including Apple, Samsung, AT&T, Motorola and Verizon. The lawsuits allege cellphone use causes brain tumors and other health hazards to form. But the court ruled that evidence in the case must be represented for the lawsuits to advance.
The cellphone industry has deep pockets to defend against such lawsuits. But ultimately, the data will win out.
It may have taken the tobacco industry two generations to acknowledge and deal with the cancer-causing effects of smoking, but the fast-rising amount of collaborative studies tying various types of cancer, vision impairment, disruptions to brain activity and other health concerns to chronic use of mobile devices will soon reach a compression point.
And that will create the market for “clean phones.”
As such, I forecast that safer cellphone devices that are effective and marketed with a “clean phone” theme and brand will corner a market with rich and growing potential.

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