Investment in artificial intelligence, robotics and virtual reality technology is going to create an investment cycle that will surpass, both in investment and market gains, the dot-com boom.

This revolution in the expanding capability and affordability of robot and intelligent automation will grow exponentially. In fact, in the very near future, the investment opportunities will be as plentiful as robots themselves. From 2015 through 2019, the global market for automation and related services will almost double from $71 billion to more than $135 billion.

Identifying the leading-edge technology companies with solid financial backing and strong management that build the brains of robotics and the manufacturing companies that construct their bodies will provide sound investment consideration.

And while robotics will eliminate the need for thousands of different types of jobs across the globe, there will be no limitations to creating the Einsteins of the robotic and automated intelligence age of the 21st century and beyond. Firms and research teams, from the biggest countries to the smallest, are engaged in rapidly accelerating research and development.

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