The future of VR is being measured only by the business, medical and technology fields. Experts in those fields have determined how the technology will evolve, what effects it might have on physiology and the corporate profits that can be made.

But there is no body of research, just as there wasn’t at the dawn of the digital age, to gauge  the ultimate effects of a world increasingly dominated by unreality.

Escape in VR is an escape from the human experience so victimized by the plagues of immorality, chronic war, cultural depravity, economic chaos and gross imbalances in power that rule the populous classes worldwide.

Why fight for change in our everyday lives when we can create our escape in a device wrapped around heads? Why create beauty with imagination, skill and heart, when a device can do it for you?

A student of the Renaissance, and other periods of great societal rebirth, knows that art and science maintained a nurturing balance to ignite transformative energies. But the VR revolution will be one void of the essential balance between science, art and humanity.

In the world of geeks, virtual becomes reality.

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