Trend Forecast

During this transition phase, in which self-sustainability has yet to hit the government radar or mainstream, individuals and their families — whether earning less in jobs that don’t pay living wages or wanting to break their corporate shackles — will take life into their own hands and become more self-sustainable.

From aging boomers to middle-agers and millennials, getting off the grid and voluntary simplicity will be hot trends. As urban areas become increasingly overcrowded and overpriced, the back-to-the-land trend will grow as more choose to grow their own and make what they drink. Advancements in technology and emerging free-energy breakthroughs will rapidly accelerate the off-the-grid trend.

Throughout much of the world, as major cities have rapidly grown — along with their cost of living — prices in “the country” have declined. Thus, for those wishing to cash in on the self-sustainability trend, the price in the boondocks may be right.

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