Trend Forecast

As current trends evolve, the general public will become less informed and more detached. The news business is virtually dead. Newspapers and major media outlets have shrunk reporting resources by over 60 percent in just the last decade.

As for broadcast news, there’s no variety, no balance, and the same talking heads and paid analysts spinning their agendas are brought to you by the six corporations that own 90 percent of the broadcast media. And the bigs are about to get bigger as the Federal Communications Commission is further loosening regulation, setting the stage for more corporate dominance.

At local levels, there are virtually no feet on the beat to report news that matters to communities. Wire services that once maintained news bureaus throughout the states and across the globe barely exist.

Therefore, with hard facts and real truth barely reported, it’s up to each individual to find varied sources of accurate information to base their actions on and shape their views. In this regard, Alexandrian Library 2.0 (along with the Trends Journal) provides the reach and resources for you to think for yourself.

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