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On January 28, Trump issued a Presidential Memorandum Plan to Defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. While details have not been released, we assume by his numerous pronouncements that he will “bomb the shit out of ISIS” and more war will be ensured.

As evidenced by the United States’ numerous and monumental military failures — the Korean War, Vietnam War, Afghan War, Iraq War, Libyan War, Syrian War, etc., etc. — more war will neither achieve victory nor bring peace.

The facts point to the contrary: The more people killed, the greater destruction of nations and the bleaker the future of young men and women of those nations bombed and occupied by the United States and its allies, the greater the victims’ hatred. Some will seek revenge by any means.

America, its allies and the media will call it terrorism. The innocent victims of the atrocities committed against them by foreign nations that invaded, destroyed and occupied their countries in the names of humanitarian missions and bringing freedom and democracy will call it getting even.

Our solution to winning the war against radicalism and terrorism is to end Crusades 2000 by adhering to the precepts of our unique Occupy Peace initiative. Its principles include honoring our Founding Fathers by avoiding foreign entanglements, closing military bases abroad and forcing Congress to abide by the Constitution by voting to go to war (which it has not done since World War II) rather than giving the president that authority. For more details on how to restore peace and prosperity to the United States, go to

The future is clear.

Support peace, champion endless war or do nothing.

The choice is yours.

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