Trend Forecast

The big-chains-abandoning-malls trend continues in 2017 as Macy’s, J.C. Penney, Sears – nine retailers overall – close more than 1,000 stores. As more malls lose anchors and their appeal, get ready for the big move to small downtowns, fueled by Millennial Fever. Priced out of big-city life, looking to escape crowds, noise and pollution for peace of mind and/or to raise a family, leading-edge millennials already have set their investment sights on old American towns with beautiful architecture and all-in-one downtown neighborhoods where they can live, work and play… without commuting!

OnTrendpreneurs on Main Street USA will profit by providing “clean food” buy-green buy-local initiatives, along with health and well-being services and products, to meet the needs of health-conscious hipsters as well as the aging boomer population. That group also is moving to small towns with affordable rents and walk-to conveniences.

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