Scandals involving baby food are, sadly, nothing new. In the ’70s, Nestlé was vilified for promotions targeted at the Third World which touted its baby formula as superior to breast milk. Because of the formula’s cost, many mothers over-diluted it with water, and Nestlé was blamed for the resulting widespread malnutrition, stunted growth and death. A global boycott ensued, which some people maintain to this day.
In the ’80s, broken glass was found in Gerber baby food. In 1988 the two top executives of Beech-Nut were sentenced to a year in prison and $2 million in fines for selling “apple juice” that contained little or no actual juice; they had made the situation worse by attempting to dump the bogus product in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.
In 2011, glass was found in baby food from Nestlé of France; some 30,000 jars were recalled. And in the last decade Heinz baby food in China was found to contain lead, Heinz in Canada had to recall baby food that had spoiled due to faultily sealed jars, and Beech-Nut recalled almost 2,000 lbs. of baby food because of broken glass.
So it’s with a sense of déjà vu that one reads, in The Wall St. Journal on 2 October, of the latest cases of Stuff that Doesn’t Belong in Baby Food, especially since some of the same names are involved.
Released this week by the House Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy are the revelations that rice cereals for infants from both Beech-Nut and Nestlé’s Gerber were found to contain more inorganic arsenic than the Food and Drug Administration allows. But according to bureaucrats, some levels of arsenic in baby food are considered OK; see “TOXIC METALS FOUND IN BABY FOODS” (9 Feb 2021). 
Beech-Nut recalled the batches in question; Gerber did not. Beech-Nut said its manufacturing process “does not contribute heavy metals to the final product.” Nestlé (which acquired Gerber in 2007) said it has “a rigorous process for testing finished foods.”
TRENDPOST: We note this article to once again illustrate that while the mainstream news and all of society is consumed with how COVID will kill you… consistently ignored are the pesticides, particles, chemicals, artificial ingredients, preservatives, GMOs etc., that are killing hundreds of millions that are barely reported and generally ignored.

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