Top Trends 2019

Global forecaster Gerald Celente has released his Top Trends for 2019, offering detailed, essential predictions that will touch nearly every aspect of our daily lives and reach across the globe, helping the “aware and the awake” to see “History Before It Happens®.”

More than just descriptions of 10 powerful trends that will occur in the year ahead, these forecasts underscore the risks and the many opportunities that lie ahead. They go beyond headline news to deliver a portrait of what will change and how as 2019 unfolds.

The Top Trends for 2019 are a road map of the future, pinpointing the critical turns and detours ahead… providing guidance to Prepare, Prosper and Prevail in the year ahead you won’t get from any other source.

In 2018, from declining equity markets and economies globally, to the diving value of cryptocurrencies, to the rising number of explosive geopolitical trends threatening social unrest, to powerful social trends that will dramatically alter the status quo for many and much more, the foundation has been set for a wild ride in 2019.

Know what to expect. Be prepared. Read our Top Trends for 2019.

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