Understanding the boundless sense of entitlement of technocrats to radically remake the world, is a key to putting together their sometimes seemingly far flung pursuits.

It explains radical policies and agendas encompassing everything from energy and climate policies, to medical dictates, to political speech and expression, to social policies involving transgenderism, immigration and more.

21st modernity has made its Faustian bargain to accept science as essentially the only bringer of truth and progress.

But the “Scientism” that has emerged as a result—ie., the ideology that “progress” should serve nothing beyond itself, including natural humanity—is endangering the bulk of that humanity more with each passing day.

Several recent stories illustrate how the everyday lives of people, and their traditional political and practical rights and freedoms, are being progressively destroyed by the zealotry of Technocratic Scientism.

Bioethicists, who have been proclaiming that technologies like individual Human Genetic Modification, and Human Heritable Gene Editing (HGE), sought only to treat serious genetic maladies like Cystic Fibrosis and Sickle Cell Anemia, are quickly expanding their sights.

Some are proposing to alter human genetics to instill “ethical” goals involving combating climate change, and more.

Meanwhile, in Britain, authorities are continuing to roll out an oppressive eco-surveillance state, including erecting cameras in suburban neighborhoods to track and charge vehicles every time they leave their driveway.

While each of these represent serious affronts to human rights and dignity, they should not be seen as wholly separate. They are connected by an overarching ideology. 

And unless that ideology is directly confronted and rejected in favor of preserving fundamental rights of natural humanity, elites will continue to assault those rights, and hoard technocratic privilege and wealth to themselves.

Making Humans Allergic to Meat

Speaking at a forum, S. Matthew Liao, a “bioethicist” with ties to the WEF, laid out a virtually unbound scope of use for Human Heritable Gene Editing.

“I’ll give two examples. So one is that people eat too much meat. Right? And if they were to cut down on their consumption, then it would actually really help the planet. But people are not willing to give up meat. You know, some people will be willing to, but other people, they may be willing to, but they have a weakness of will. They say ‘this steak is just too juicy. I can’t do it’. I’m one of those, by the way. 

“But, so here’s the thought, right? So it turns out that we know a lot about…we have these intolerances to…so, for example, I have milk intolerance. And some people are intolerant to crayfish. So possibly, we can use human engineering to make it the case that we’re intolerant to certain kinds of meat. To certain kinds of bovine [cow] protein. And there’s actually analogues of this in life. There’s the Lone Star tick, where if it bites you, you will become allergic to meat. I can sort of describe the mechanism. So that’s something we can do through human engineering. We can possibly address really big world problems through human engineering.”

As shocking as this far flung vision for genetically redesigning humans may seem, the views expressed aren’t really new.

Sci-fi has long featured genetic alteration as a staple.

Over the last decade, as genetic technology has advanced, so has practical discussion of “ethics” that would not only allow, but impel the use of genetic modification to do exactly what the speaker said: “address really big world problems through human engineering.”

We’ve previously pointed to articles like this one from The Atlantic, which featured genetic scientists contemplating how the world might be improved by genetically redesigning humans. (“How Engineering the Human Body Could Combat Climate Change,” 12 Mar 2012.)

The mainstreaming of the radical aims of genetic science in public discussions, forums, and political organizations empowered to develop policies surrounding genetic technology, is something relatively new.

Yet most people still aren’t aware of the scope of intentions of these scientists and their ideological allies.

But no one who values natural human rights can afford to ignore where this technology is leading.

Eco-surveillance and Clampdown in the U.K….and U.S.

Unlike genetic technology, many people are aware of at least some of the ways the “climate change” and “zero carbon agenda” are force-feeding changes to society that affect them.

From the now banned incandescent light bulb, to directives phasing out gas appliances and oil heating systems, to “smart meters,” to the push to transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs), people are being progressively boxed into technology that supposedly saves energy and improves the environment.

But average people are learning that the “Green Energy” transition is anything but cost-free.

A few of the latest indications of that involve how metering and limiting travel freedom is being introduced and mandated via surveillance tracking.

Halifax, U.K. is raising parking fees to “nudge” people out of their cars, and induce them to travel on foot or use public transportation.

According to a Halifax Courier news report:

“‘Nudging’ people out of their cars to use public transport, walk or cycle to help reduce emissions and tackle the climate emergency is one reason for increasing charges, senior councillors have said.

“Others include bringing the borough’s parking fees with neighbouring places.”

(“Parking fees increased in Halifax, Brighouse, Hebden Bridge and other parts of Calderdale as council tries to get people out of their cars,” 12 Aug 2023.)

Parts of the U.K. including London are becoming no-go zones for combustion engine vehicles. Via ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zones), residents are being charged every time their vehicle leaves their driveway.

The measures come complete with surveillance cameras monitoring them.

Meanwhile, New York City, despite being ravaged by its own hard COVID War era policies, this summer began charging “congestion pricing” on vehicles to enter the city, as reported by CNN and others. (“Congestion pricing is coming to New York City, officials announce,” 26 Jun 2023.)

The fees are regressive taxes on the relatively impoverished, effectively allowing the relatively privileged to use private transport, while inducing the rest to either not visit, or to use public transport many see as inefficient, inconvenient and even dangerous.

Behind these climate proscriptions lies “Degrowth,” an agenda which sees humans as a multifaceted threat to the planet, requiring vast reductions of population.

The Trends Journal has detailed that agenda in multiple articles.

But to get a chilling glimpse at its beliefs, just listen to famed primatologist and UN “peace” advocate Jane Goodall, speaking on a WEF forum panel:

“We cannot hide away from human population growth. Because, you know, it underlies so many of the other problems. All these things we talk about wouldn’t be a problem if there was the size of population that there was 500 years ago.”

Goodall essentially recommends decreasing the world’s human population by a 12-fold factor, from 8 billion down to 450 million.

Total Transparency: The Data-Driven Control Lust of Technocrats

The Scientism that dominates the modern zeitgeist requires a voracious surveillance and data collection regime, in order to know as much as possible, in order to devise technocratic solutions to “problems.”

Or to comprehensively control humans in order to drive the greatest possible wealth and power to the privileged masters of the science-surveillance state.

Tech like IoT (Internet of Things) data collection, wireless device tracking and surveillance, “everywhere” public cameras and biometric scraping, cloud based Software-as-a-Service platforms for all apps, smart meters and CBDCs are all facets of the data surveillance state being erected more comprehensively every day. 

To take just one example, CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), which are built with features that allow authorities to comprehensively track monetary holdings of individuals, as well as how and where and what they spend their money, are currently being developed by hundreds of nations around the world.

The financial and social surveillance and control possible with CBDCs is nearly unlimited.

Consider how far it moves the goalpost even from late 2021.

In that year, as the value of the dollar was about set to plummet due to spiraling inflation, Congress didn’t raise the amount of a money transaction subject to government surveillance and reporting by banks. It lowered the amount from 10,000 dollars to 600 dollars. 


CBDCs will make that kind of bank surveillance seem like nothing.

Wealthy and powerful masters who have every reason to fear their undue and undeserved money and power might meet popular resistance and revolutionary opposition, have every reason to want to increase their control, while masking it as socially beneficial.

In a typically megalomaniacal interview, World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schaub has long since laid out that modern existence must be subject to “total transparency,” preserving no shred of privacy from the data hungry and watchful eyes of technocratic authorities. 

“In the new world, you have to accept transparency. I’ll even say total transparency. Everything is going to be transparent. And you have to get used to it. You have to behave accordingly.” 

He added:

“It becomes…how should I put it? Integrated into your personality. But if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t be afraid.”

TRENDPOST: The totalitarian objectives of technocratic elites have no bounds, and to recognize that, is not a mark of conspiratorial thinking, but simply sensibly observing what they say and proscribe.

When the WEF touts things like Brain Computer Interfaces and biochip implants, and when WEF connected tech experts like Yuval Harari proclaim human beings are no longer “mysterious,” but completely hackable, their mechanisms of tyranny are only too clear.

They will not be satisfied until humans are not just surveilled from the outside in.

They seek technology that will surveil, limit and control humans from the inside out, via the most intrusive dystopian technology imaginable.

This includes things like BCIs and microchips, but also genetic modification, as some contend has already been previewed and forced on much of the world via mRNA vaccine technologies under a cry of “crisis.”

Will these even more intrusive technologies be sold as “empowering,” and medically beneficial, and necessary to protect society from “terrorism” and “dangerous” disinfo and misinfo?

Of course.

Will humans have the good sense to stand up for their freedoms, and strip power from the privileged who will exempt themselves or use their wealth to buy themselves personal freedom, as others are enslaved?

That’s the battle, and the outcome very much remains to be seen.

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