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INSURRECTIONISTS FAKE, COLLABORATIONISTS REAL. This past week Wonton Washington and the MSM tried to make the most of the anniversary of the January 6th protest.
But as it has been from the beginning, the real story is not “insurrectionists,” but collaborationists.  
Washington DC, and the rest of America, including the media, education and business, is full of willing dupes and active supporters of Chinese communists, and rancid Maoist ideology.
It’s the key to understanding everything about “J6,” the COVID War, the rabid animus against “America First,” average Americans who value our traditions, Constitution and history…and yes, Donald Trump.
The view may sound conspiratorial. But it’s actually so in the open, not to see it is the real Jedi mind trick.
Ties between the Communist Chinese regime and levers of power in the U.S. are so extensive they bubble up almost every day.  Much like “Vichy France” served Nazi interests in the 1940’s, America has become a vassal state of China.
Need a brief list of Chinese dupes and collaborationists?  Start here:

  • President Joe Biden and his son Hunter (compromised via numerous shady Chinese business and other dealings)
  • Sen. Diane Feinstein (her “driver” a 20+ year spy working for the Communist Chinese)
  • Rep. Eric Stalwell (literally sleeping with the enemy)
  • Sen. Mitch MConnell, married to the Chinese
  • Neil Bush (head of a Chinese entity that has seen millions funneled between Chinese government interests and American business and political players)
  • Anthony Fauci (reliable defender of Communist Chinese counterparts, and Congressional liar covering for the Wuhan lab origin of COVID)
  • American Universities and Schools (dependant not only on Chinese foreign students, but on money funneled from the Chinese government to promote friendly views and “scholarship”)
  • Major American Media, bought off to disseminate Chinese friendly stories and propaganda
  • Sports and Entertainment, led by the NBA and major Hollywood movie studios, working in a symbiotic business and propaganda relationship with the Chinese
  • American corporations, led by the likes of Apple and Amazon, actively working with the Chinese not only to surveill and suppress their domestic population, but to bring Chinese communist style political repression to the U.S.

The U.S. Uniparty in Wonton Washington answers to China, period. Little wonder that in the aftermath of massive election irregularities in 2020, American intelligence agencies worked overtime to co-opt and direct a useful propaganda incident on January 6th.
Americans should never forget they have every right to rise up in popular protest for redress of grievances. 
The minor law-breaking by average citizens on January 6th (much of it egged on by intelligence operatives) is literally nothing compared to the treasonous actions of the dupes and Collaborationists that continue to work overtime to bring down America.  
The Trends Journal has detailed issues mentioned here in many other articles, including:

CHINESE BILLIONAIRE FUNNELING MONEY TO U.S. HIGHER ED. A Chinese tycoon whose government connected business censors the internet in China has contributed millions of dollars to MIT and Princeton University.
That’s according to previously unreported Department of Education documents.
Ma Huateng, the founder of Tencent, has contributed at least $5 million to Princeton, and MIT since 2018. 
The news was recently reported by The Washington Free Beacon.
According to Department of Education records, Ma’s foundation also gave $900,000 to Columbia University in 2017.
The Chinese government recruited Tencent and other internet businesses as part of an ambitious strategy to dominate the area of artificial intelligence by 2030, while Ma built links with the colleges. 
According to a study released last year by the Defense Department, China intends to employ technology generated by the companies for both commercial and military objectives.
Ma also serves on the Yale Center Beijing and the Cornell China Center advisory boards, where he and other Chinese business executives advise the institutions on how to expand Chinese collaborations. 
Examples of Tencent censorship are plentiful. For example, the company monitored overseas WeChat users in order to improve its filtering powers in China. 
Following an official from the Houston Rockets team expressing sympathy for pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong, Tencent restricted NBA games in 2019. 
And more recently, Tencent canceled Boston Celtics games after one of the team’s players, Enes Kanter, criticized China’s Communist Party and President Xi Jinping’s human rights violations.
The Washington Free Beacon story can be read here.

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