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For those who aren’t dismayed by the swings of the cryptocurrency sector, and who have 401K accounts with old employers, there are options to roll those accounts over to IRA crypto investing.
Altoira ( offers the ability to rollover retirement accounts invested in stock market funds, to invest in cryptos instead.
The firm offers access to crypto “basket” funds by well known crypto firms like Grayscale. Minimum investment amounts for such funds can be required. 25-thousand is a common price point for investing in such managed funds.
But Altoira also offers the ability for investors to simply pick and choose cryptos to invest in, via its relationship with Coinbase, currently the only crypto exchange listed with NASDAQ.
Any cryptocurrency available on Coinbase can be acquired in a retirement portfolio using the Altoira service.
The company even makes rolling over old retirement accounts a simple matter, by working with Capitalize, an account rollover service.
Capitalize can handle all the details of a rollover, including setting up and conducting a call with the account holder and the firm where an old 401K account resides, to establish and authorize a transfer.
The use of Capitalize to initiate and oversee a transfer is free. And Altoira has a usage fee of 25 dollars a month.
Investing a Rollercoaster in 2021
Cryptos have been in a Holiday funk. But then, so has everything else.
2021 didn’t turn out to be a miracle recovery year, as Gerald Celente and the Trends Journal correctly predicted.  
The lurches and policy lunacies surrounding the COVID War were worse in 2021 than 2020. That was especially true given that much more was known in the past year about everything COVID, than when it debuted via a Wuhan Virology lab in late 2019.
Nothing, including cryptocurrencies and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) proved immune from the COVID War, though some innovations like DeFi and NFTs demonstrated their utility and garnered breakout attention.
There’s no telling how soon the crypto sector might recover and go on a new bull run in 2022. Even the most accurate prognosticators took a hit to their predictions about how the sector would perform to close out 2021.
But for those who believe the innovations and disruptive efficiencies of cryptos have good longer term prospects, having the option to invest in tax advantaged retirement type vehicles may be seen as an attractive opportunity.

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