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From a recent landmark mask study analysis, to now a major natural immunity study, evidence continues to vindicate people who spoke out against Government COVID policies and narratives.

This past Thursday, The Lancet, a leading medical journal, published a major analysis that concluded people naturally exposed to the COVID virus benefited from subsequent natural protection that was at least the equal of protection conferred by COVID mRNA treatments labeled as vaccines.

Examining some 65 studies from 19 different countries, researchers found that natural immunity conferred long-lasting protection against serious illness and hospitalization against virtually all known COVID strains.

“This is really good news, in the sense that protection against severe disease and death after infection is really quite sustained at 10 months,” lead researcher Dr. Christopher Murray, of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, said about the study, NBC News reported.

While the study found that natural immunity was less effective in protecting people from the omicron BA.1 variant, than other COVID variants, it still offered protection against severe illness in the case of omicron.

According to the study

“Our meta-analyses showed that protection from past infection and any symptomatic disease was high for ancestral, alpha, beta, and delta variants, but was substantially lower for the omicron BA.1 variant. Pooled effectiveness against re-infection by the omicron BA.1 variant was 45·3% (95% uncertainty interval [UI] 17·3–76·1) and 44·0% (26·5–65·0) against omicron BA.1 symptomatic disease. Mean pooled effectiveness was greater than 78% against severe disease (hospitalisation and death) for all variants, including omicron BA.1. Protection from re-infection from ancestral, alpha, and delta variants declined over time but remained at 78·6% (49·8–93·6) at 40 weeks. Protection against re-infection by the omicron BA.1 variant declined more rapidly and was estimated at 36·1% (24·4–51·3) at 40 weeks. On the other hand, protection against severe disease remained high for all variants, with 90·2% (69·7–97·5) for ancestral, alpha, and delta variants, and 88·9% (84·7–90·9) for omicron BA.1 at 40 weeks.” 

The Trends Journal has long pointed out the deceptive and incomplete narratives proffered by the CDC and other health organizations, concerning the benefits of natural immunity. (See for example “NATURAL IMMUNITY CLEARLY BETTER, SAYS DATA FROM COVID GENE THERAPY CAPITOL OF THE WORLD,” 19 Jul 2022.)

Even worse, the Twitter Files and other evidence has now shown that government authorities actively worked in concert with social media platforms and others to censor and suppress information regarding COVID that went against its narratives. (See “A PILE OF SMOKING GUNS: THE U.S. GOVERNMENT IS WAGING WAR AGAINST CONSTITUTIONAL POLITICAL AND FREE SPEECH RIGHTS OF AMERICANS,” 20 Dec 2022.)

The government heavily promoted masking, social distancing, quarantining and the supposed superior benefits of vaccines compared with obtaining natural immunity. The government has also advised people to get vaccines and boosters even in cases where they had naturally contracted and recovered from COVID.

The CDC released a report in October 2021 that recommended exactly that. The report, which is still active at the CDC website, claims:

“Substantial immunologic evidence and a growing body of epidemiologic evidence indicate that vaccination after infection significantly enhances protection and further reduces risk of reinfection, which lays the foundation for CDC recommendations.”

That CDC guidance appears to directly conflict with the comprehensive findings of the new research just published by The Lancet. The new study notes:

“This finding also has important implications for the design of policies that restrict access to travel or venues or require vaccination for workers. It supports the idea that those with a documented infection should be treated similarly to those who have been fully vaccinated with high-quality vaccines. This was implemented, for example, as part of the EU COVID certificate, but not in countries such as the USA.”

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