The ugly, undeniable physics and biophysics

Many organizations/sites sharing warnings about the wireless health threat have names like ‘such-and-such for responsible technology.’ Or ‘safe technology.’ Or ‘safer.’ This article suggests that the physics and biophysics indicate that all such and similar names are deceptions.

Maybe it’s not all controlled opposition, but wittingly or not, these entities flirt with terminal disaster by perpetuating the threat. They suggest we dance with the 2G-4G devil, but ‘OMG,’ 5G must go! The physics/biophysics are unforgiving, however. 2G-4G is a quite sufficiently terminal nightmare. If we can relinquish 2G-4G, 5G will collapse. If we can’t, let 5G develop, it will mercifully shorten the coming agony.


As the name implies (artificial) electromagnetic radiation (EMR) used in wireless systems has electric and magnetic components. It’s commonly described by wavelength and frequency.

Wavelength is the distance in meters between where the shape of the wave starts and where it begins to repeat. Frequency is how often the shape repeats. It’s measured in cycles per second, or “hertz” (Hz). One Hz is one repetition, or cycle, per second.

Wireless systems use microwave EMR, “micro” meaning short. Definitions vary, but it’s generally considered to have wavelengths between 1 meter and 1 millimeter, with frequencies from millions of hertz (MHz) to billions (GHz): 300MHz to 300GHz.

Cellular frequencies, commonly 700MHz to 2.5GHz (WiFi 5GHz also) provide for large amounts of data at speed. Transmitted waves are called “carrier” frequencies, because frequency changes are added to the wave, creating signal pulses. These contain the data.

The first mobile phones (1983-4) were ‘analog’ – the real shape of the wave going from transmitter to receiver. Using pulsed digital frequencies, 2G was introduced in the US in 1992-3. Health issues arose shortly thereafter.

Beginning in the 1950’s, pulsed microwave was tested in military stealth-weapon research. Specific pulse rates were found to induce specific diseases. The pathological effects were also well understood in the scientific community by the mid-1970’s. Many thousands of studies now exist.

With knowledge of harm in place, then, weapon technology was adapted virtually unchanged to 2G mobile telecom, except that weapons emit much less power than towers, cell phones and WiFi, and that the latter radiations are randomly pulsed by data packets.

“Physics-speaking,” it comes down to this: For bandwidth and speed, digital microwave is needed. For data itself, pulsing is needed.


Life forms are highly susceptible to artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs) because life forms produce and operate on minute levels of natural electromagnetics.

The FCC radiation exposure limit (thermal/tissue heating) is expressed in milliwatts (mW, a thousandth of a watt) per square centimeter. As of this writing, it’s .2 mW/cm2. Two tenths of a thousandth of a watt.

The non-thermal exposure limit suggested after review of existing science, collated and summarized in the 2007 BioInitiative Report (BR, 2000 studies), was one tenth of a microwatt (μW, a millionth of a watt) per square centimeter – .1 μW/cm2. By 2012 BR (1800 additional studies and updated in 2019) it became 0.003 μW/cm2 to 0.006 μW/cm2.

Thus, the FCC thermal limit – 200 μW/cm2 – is about 670,000 times higher than the lower BR non-thermal limit. The point, however, is that below heating, and at all non-thermal levels, transmitted power is virtually irrelevant.

NOTE: The BR calls in vain for “…a biologically-based public exposure standard…” It’s cited here only to demonstrate the existence of independent science FCC say doesn’t exist or is “inconclusive.”

So, pulsed microwave somewhere between one tenth of one millionth of a watt and three thousandths of one millionth of a watt has harmful effect. Such figures indicate the sensitivity of biological systems. Also, with 2G-4G wavelengths, the square centimeter is a ‘tube’ going through your body (billions of cells).

Transport channels in cell membranes react defensively to non-thermal 2G-4G pulse frequencies, and will shut down. A special channels called “Voltage Gated Calcium Channel” is controlled by the membrane’s “voltage sensor.” Pulsed EMR disrupts it and excess calcium flows in, creating a severe imbalance. Since any body cell is susceptible in both cases, the range of potential effects is impressive.

Pulses must exist at all power levels for data, including ‘biologically based’ exposure limits called for by many ‘concerned’ scientists. The FCC lie about thermal-only harm that underlies its “exposure limit” avoids the pulsing issue. The term for this is scientific fraud.


Like sensitivity, this is absolutely critical. Felt or not, effects can occur any time during or after exposure (there’s normally no escape) and build up over time. Using animals with short life spans, scientists have ‘guesstimated’ the ultimate termination of human reproduction in a few generations.

Some scientists say more research is needed. Academically perhaps. Scientifically speaking, sanity prevailing, however, only one repeatable study showing harm was sufficient to have said, “Wait” originally. Also, without a moratorium (right!), 2G-4G effects bio-accumulate. Meanwhile, the existing sinister violation of the Nuremberg Code–informed consent to be experimented on–will persist. Meanwhile also, torture of lab animals will continue.

“Scientists at the end of WWII were hanged for what scientists are doing today and getting away with.”— physicist Barrie Trower, PhD, microwave expertTJ 


“Biophysics-speaking,” it comes down to this: The combination of extreme sensitivity and cumulative effect means there can be no safe wireless technology. Now, if you could find a power level at which pulsing and voltage influence had no effect — forever, for all life — power would be too low for the system to function.

“I ask for any scientist(s) from industry / government to ‘humiliate’ me live ‘on-air’ with their expert knowledge by answering one question: ‘What is the safe level of microwave irradiation for the ovarian follicles during the first 100 days development of the embryo?” — Barrie Trower, PhD, Wi-Fi – A Thalidomide in the Making. Who Cares?

Six years, no takers

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