The Presidential Reality Show™

Bye, bye, Miss American Pie. It’s a Barnum and Bailey World. It’s the Greatest Show on Earth: The 2016 race for the White House. 

It’s a red, white and blue living-color freak show.

It’s produced and directed exclusively by the masters of propaganda: just six corporations that own and operate 90 percent of the “media” — and exclusively host the presidential debates. Yes, six corporations control the “news” flow, heavily feature political candidates they favor, and eliminate all but the chosen few members of the Republican and Democrat Gang: The political Bloods and Crips.

Both mass murderers, the two political gangs’ hands are drenched in blood from the millions they’ve killed in the name of stopping communism, bringing freedom and democracy to foreign lands and destroying entire nations, supposedly for national security and humanitarian missions.

Republican and Democrats: They’re thieves who rob We the People and give our money to the too-big-to-jail, too-big-to-fail banksters; award special tax breaks to their benefactors; and give party donors generous loan guarantees and governmental approval for any toxic product, financial or chemical — regardless of how many lives are destroyed or people killed.

Turn on and tune in to the 10 November 2015 Republican presidential debate. Listen to Fox’s game-show host tell the henhouse chickens the rules: “Tonight’s rules are simple. Up to 90 seconds for each answer. One minute for each follow-up response. And if a candidate goes over their allotted time, you will hear this (bell rings).”

“It sounds like a game show, but it’s not,” chimed in another host.

No, it sounds like a game show because that’s precisely what it is: Beat the Clock. And yes, “the rules are simple”… simply stupid for any simpleton to obey and a reflection of how low the nation has sunk.

Issues of life and death, geopolitical turmoil, social unrest, the economic future of the nation, foreign policy, the never-ending War on Terror… all debased to conform to imbecilic, low-life, game-show rules of corporate masters who rake in over $250,000 from advertisers for 30-second commercials on The Presidential Reality Show

As for the contestants, considering who they are, what they’ve promised and their track records, it is another campaign year of more of the same — but much worse. With the exception of Rand Paul, who has self-servingly vacillated from previous positions and has now bowed out of  The Presidential Reality Show, all — especially the loudest Bible thumpers — talk tough on building a bigger and stronger military, destroying “bad guys” around the world and bringing evildoers to justice.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz preaches from the campaign pulpit that “We can turn our country around, but only if the body of Christ rises up.” Then, he plays commander in chief: If he is elected, “We will utterly destroy ISIS. We will carpet-bomb them into  oblivion. I don’t know if sand can glow in the dark, but we’re going to find out.”

Marco Rubio, a holier-than-thou candidate who has gone through a series of life-changing lost and founds to find the right religion and true God, likes to read from the Bible to set voters straight on what they should believe in and why he knows what’s best. Then, when he’s under The Presidential Reality Show spotlight, the Prince of Peace disappears from the junior senator from Florida’s religious rap, replaced with promises of more extensive foreign entanglements, more boots on the ground in war-torn lands, more bombs away, and more training and weapons for those moderate rebels with a cause whose names and faces remain anonymous.

As for the leader of the Republican pack, Donald “I have a great relationship with God” Trump, who complained how Christ has been taken out of Christmas, has vowed to “bomb the shit” out of ISIS and their families and promised to ramp up torture by bringing “back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.”

In both parties, foreign policy ranges from more of the same to greatly expanding the war front from now until forever. Not one question from the hosts about a candidate’s platform for peace. Among those in the race for the White House, peace is a political dirty word.

On the economic front, other than promises to cut taxes, get-government-off-the-backs-of-business rhetoric and boasts to bring jobs back home,  no candidate from either party has presented a true portfolio of economic solutions to create living-wage jobs, restore a middle-class majority and reinvigorate the small/medium private-business sector. 

Therefore, whoever wins the November election, America and millions of innocent people who live in lands that are enemies of America will lose.     TJ  

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