The party line: The left loves war and loved McCain

How those liberals and so-called progressives profess their hatred for Donald Trump, but how they love their Democratic Party politicians, who are all war lovers, like John McCain.

For example, when President Trump recently pushed through his $716 billion Defense budget, one of the biggest in modern American history, by a margin of 139 to 49 in the House and 41 to 7 in the Senate, Democrats proudly voted in favor of the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act.

John McCain, a man, throughout his life, who supported every “shock and awe” obliteration of humanity in bombing runs in unjust, illegal wars launched by the United States military against nations across the globe, was also beloved and missed by America’s phony “left.”

“Right now, I’m just heartbroken,” cried Democratic House Minority leader Nancy “Out of Her Mind” Pelosi. “I think America’s in tears about the loss of this great man.”

Indeed, McCain is “great” among a low-life cast of Democrat and Republican freaks and fools who praise him for his love of war.

Bernie Sanders, a warmonger in dove’s clothing, lamented, “John McCain was an American hero, a man of decency and honor and a friend of mine. He will be missed not just in the U.S. Senate, but by all Americans who respect integrity and independence.”

McCain is a “man of decency” only to indecent men, like Bernie “Bullshit” Sanders, who plays the peace card but who voted for Clinton’s Kosovo War, Clinton’s relentless Iraq bombing massacre, and Clinton’s sanctions on Iraq that left of 500,000 children under the age of five dead, according to the United Nations.

And, in 2001, Bullshit Sanders did not support a bill in Congress to oppose the war in Afghanistan. But he did proudly support funding appropriations for both the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, plus other Defense Department Appropriation Bills.

And Bernie Boy, I, Gerald Celente, who puts my money where my heart and mind are by launching, am, unlike you, a true American who respects the Constitution and honors such Founding Fathers as George Washington, who, in his farewell address, advocated no foreign entanglements.

And Bernie, as per your voting record, you forgot President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s farewell address warning the people that the military industrial complex was robbing the nation of the genius of its scientists, sweat of the labors and future of the children.

Thus, Warmonger McCain lacks my standard of “integrity and independence.”

Then there is America’s new favorite “socialist” and mainstream media star, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who tweeted: “John McCain’s legacy represents an unparalleled example of human decency and American service.” “

Unparalleled example of human decency?” In what parallel universe does Ocasio-Cortez live? Being that she’s from the Bronx, and so am I, she may know the response to a person who is ignorant of the facts and arrogantly shoots off their mouth: “You don’t know shit about dick.”

And this has nothing to do with being sexist, so save your #MeToo for someone else, since you can also include the Democratic Party’s favorite civil rights Congressman, the idiot John Lewis, who blabbed that Warmonger McCain was a “warrior of peace.”

Also, add to that list NAACP President Derrick Johnson, who apparently forgot that McCain voted against Martin Luther King Day as a national holiday. Johnson wrote that McCain was a “war hero and savvy politician… that always put true American values before himself.”

Again, McCain was not a war hero, he was a victim fighting an illegal, immoral war based on lies, which is Johnson’s, as well as the media’s and politicians’ definition of what has now become ingrained as “American values.”

As for McCain being a “savvy politician,” Google the definition of politician: “A person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of, or a candidate for an elected office. A person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization.”

And, McCain, who, like so many of America’s lifetime politicians, rather than having a real job (as I noted, McCain had been sucking off the public tit for 36 years), is Johnson’s manipulative and devious kind of guy. But not mine.

Then there was Georgia’s U.S. Senator, Johnny Isakson, who threatened, “Anybody who, in any way, tarnishes the reputation of John McCain, deserves a whipping.” In keeping with The Bronx tradition, I say, “Go fuck yourself!”

Another piece of political crap, Isakson avoided the Vietnam War by enlisting in the National Guard. And, a dimwit that virtually no one ever heard of outside his state before he made the Presstitute news with his tough-boy comment, like the rest of America’s political scum, Isakson has been sucking off the public tit on the state and national level since 1974.

So, little Johnny Boy of Nothing, who said McCain, “Was better than me, and I know it,” and “The ones who would do the wrong thing about John McCain didn’t have the guts to do the right thing when it was their turn,” I, Gerald Celente, as a man who launched “have the guts to do the right thing.”

And if you want to give me a “whipping,” come and try it. We’ll broadcast on pay-per-view and all the revenue will go to Since, as we’d say in The Bronx, “If you call him out, take him out.”

But of course, lacking the manhood to do it, and being a coward like most of Congress, just as when they start wars and never fight in them, rather than lead the charge, political low lives send others to fight their battles.


How the liberals love him, how they miss him and how cowardly they are to not admit who he really is and the rotten dirty deeds he lived by.

A community organizer from Chicago who organized nothing, Barack Obama lied his way into the White House, selling himself to an Iraq War-weary public as a peace candidate, when he ran against John McCain in the 2008 presidential race.

Instead of waging peace, almost immediately after he won the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama launched a troop surge into Afghanistan, a war he kept promising to end but never did.

Then there was Obama’s Libyan War, his “Assad has to go” Syrian War. He’s quoted in the book “Double Down” by veteran political reporters Mark Halperin and John Heilemann bragging that, “I’m really good at killing people,” with the drone strikes he approved that killed an estimated 4,000 innocent civilians.

Having launched airstrikes and/or military raids in at least seven countries, Obama left the White House with an unmatched track record of eight years of sustained war as president.

In his eulogy to McCain, Obama said, “John understood that our security and our influence was won not just by our military might, not just by our wealth, not just by our ability to bend others to our will, but from our capacity to inspire others with our adherence to a set of universal values.”

Yes, “military might.” Tens of trillions spent, millions of lives wasted, and entire nations destroyed… and America’s military has not won a war since World War II.

And of course, using “wealth” and the “ability to bend others to our will:” What a wonderful moral lesson that all hypocritical progressives should live by and teach their children.

That good old American exceptionalism, plus guns and money, are used to “bend others to our will” is the message a deranged Obama sells as an “adherence to a set of universal values.” TJ


Why is America such a violent nation? The fish rots from the head down!

President after President, one political party after another, and a media of madmen and madwomen, sell, start and wage endless wars… constantly glorifying the murderers who start them, and the murderers who wage them.

Violence has become the American Way. If warmongering is celebrated as normal behavior on Capitol Hill, why would it not be normalized on Main Street?

If a president and politicians decide Assad, Qaddafi or Hussein, etc., “has to go” and wage war against an entire country to take them out, why should it be any different for some sick son-of-a bitch who hates a fellow classmate, to decide he “has to go,” killing him and slaughtering other innocent victims?

No amount of gun control will stop murder on American streets, but “mind control” will mitigate it.

When the mindset of the country changes to wage constant peace rather than promote endless war, the collective psychology will advance beyond a guns-and-butter mentality and embrace a “peace on Earth, good will toward men” quality of life.


The non-stop pro war, hate peace trend continues and will speed up.

Since the election of Barack Obama in 2008 and accelerating with the 2016 race for the White House and subsequent election of Donald Trump, the Democratic Party, along with the media that favors them, has ramped up anti-Russian sentiment to Cold War heights.

In addition, from both sides of the political aisle and across the media landscape, war drums are loudly beating against Iran. As we have long warned, should the United States/Israel/Saudi alliance provoke and/or attack Iran, it will accelerate to World War III potential.

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