Because of the medical profession’s overreliance on antibiotics, including its routine use in livestock, antibiotic resistance is reaching epidemic proportions: the drugs have killed off most bacteria that cause illnesses ranging from pneumonia to food poisoning, leaving alive only those with a genetic mutation that makes a bug immune to antibiotics. These “superbugs” are reproducing and spreading diseases unchecked.

Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia have found that cannabidiol or CBD, the main component in marijuana that doesn’t make you high, may be our new bulwark against those bugs.

The scientists have found that CBD extinguishes a range of dangerous bacteria now increasingly resistant to drugs, including staph and strep. Just as important, CBD’s lethal effects on the bugs didn’t diminish with time.

Tests also showed cannabidiol to be effective in dissolving the biofilms that Lyme disease bugs and other microbes cloak themselves with inside the body to resist treatment.

TRENDPOST: Science has only begun to discover CBD’s benefits in treating inflammation, anxiety, epilepsy, chronic pain, and other persistent conditions. CBD is on track to become to the 21st century what aspirin and penicillin were to the 20th.

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