In what they call “All the News that’s Fit to Print,” The New York Times ran a feature story promoting those who love their masks.
They interviewed a fully vaccinated man last week who said he has no intention of relaxing his self-imposed health protocol of wearing goggles and an N95 mask out to the store to avoid contracting the coronavirus for a second time.
Joe Glickman told the paper that despite revised guidelines by the CDC and assurances from President Biden, he plans on taking the precaution for at least the next five years.
Sarah Maslin Nir, the author of the article, said Glickman is firmly entrenched in a group who may wear masks for the rest of their lives. These individuals are concerned about variants and the refusal of others to take the vaccine.
George Jones, an 82-year-old retired mail carrier living in Harlem, told the paper he will continue to wear masks for at least the next year.
“I’m in no hurry; why should I be in a hurry?” he said. The report noted he is fully vaccinated. “Being around is more important. That’s what counts. I’m an old man—I’d like to be around for as long as I can.”
The report pointed out that mask-wearing has been a source of tension. Some Americans insist there is no tangible evidence that supports the claim they are an effective barrier to prevent infection. 
Others swear by mask-wearing, and… the more masks the merrier!
The Trends Journal has covered mask-wearing extensively during the coronavirus outbreak. Regarding the wearing of two masks, see our 9 March article, “DOUBLE MASK? DOUBLE-DOWN FAILURE,” and our 16 February article, “NEW CDC CLAIM: ‘TWO MASKS BETTER THAN ONE.”
TRENDPOST: Chiming in on the “Wear the Mask” routine, Scott “Revolving Door” Gottlieb, former head of the FDA who’s now on the Pfizer drug dealer’s board of directors, told the audience on CBS’s “Face the Nation” this Sunday, “A lot of people have spent a year wearing masks, taking certain precautions. And so it’s going to take some time for us to get comfortable again, going into settings without taking those precautions.”
Selling his demented view of the New Abnormal, he spewed, “The good news is that I think culturally we’ve changed in that if you’re walking around with a mask right now, you’re not looked upon in an odd fashion. Whereas, you know, two years ago, if you wore a mask, everyone would take a step back from you.”
TRENDPOST: The Trends Journal has kept subscribers up-to-date on the scientific data showing the fallacy of mandatory mask-wearing and lack of hard evidence that wearing cloth face masks offers any real protection from COVID. (See the Trendpost in our new article, “FAUCI DECLARES MASK GUIDANCE,” which contains a listing of the many articles we have published on the ineffectiveness of mask-wearing.)

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