By Dr. Joseph Mercola 


  • Supply chain disruptions causing food and energy shortages appear inevitable, as both industries are being intentionally targeted and dismantled under the guise of combating climate change, and global economic collapse is a mathematical certainty
  • The economic collapse will usher in programmable central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), which will be used to control your behavior and your health
  • The globalist cabal is also pursuing a one world totalitarian government through the World Health Organization, under the guise of global biosecurity
  • Inside the U.S., the transhumanist movement is fusing medicine with Silicon Valley and the national security state. There’s a concerted effort to frame transhumanism — which is really the new eugenics — as health care
  • People all over the world face a long list of growing crises. It’s important to understand these threats, and what you can do to prepare, resist and overcome them. Action items, solutions and guidance are presented for each

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is one of my favorite resources to keep current on everything COVID. They typically interview several experts every day and have amazing staff to compile the information in a useful format. I was excited when Polly Tommey from CHD told me that my interview with her earlier this year was the most viewed on their site. She invited me for another interview for the year in review.

So, with that background let me provide you with my view of the most important health stories of 2022.

People all over the world face a long list of growing crises, from food and energy shortages to worldwide tyranny and enslavement through programmable central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and the steady creation of a “one world government.”

It is crucial to understand these threats and take action to prepare for, resist and overcome them. By learning about these issues and taking steps to protect ourselves, we can work together to create a more resilient future.

The Crisis: The World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty

One of the most serious threats is the globalist cabal pursuit of a one world totalitarian government through the World Health Organization, under the guise of global biosecurity.

The WHO has drafted a global pandemic treaty on pandemic preparedness that would grant it absolute power over global biosecurity, such as the power to implement digital identities/vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, travel restrictions, standardized medical care and more. The treaty did not pass this [past] year, but will most likely pass in 2023.

This treaty will change the global landscape and strip you of some of your most basic rights and freedoms. It’s a direct attack on the sovereignty of its member states, as well as a direct attack on your bodily autonomy.

With this treaty in place, all member nations will be subject to the WHO’s dictates. If the WHO says every person on the planet needs to have a vaccine passport and digital identity to ensure vaccination compliance, then that’s what every country will be forced to implement, even if the people have rejected such plans using local democratic processes.

There’s also reason to suspect the WHO intends to extend its sovereign leadership into the health care systems of every nation, eventually implementing a universal or “socialist-like” health care system as part of The Great Reset. WHO Director-General Tedros has previously stated that his “central priority” as director-general of the WHO is to push the world toward universal health coverage.1

And, considering the WHO changed its definition of “pandemic” to “a worldwide epidemic of a disease,”2 without the original specificity of severe illness that causes high morbidity,3,4 just about anything could be made to fit the pandemic criterion.

They could also declare a global pandemic for noninfectious threats, like global warming or even obesity. The declaration would allow them to circumvent all laws in place to preserve our freedom and implement tyrannical measures, like the lockdowns that were implemented in the COVID pandemic.

Action Item

Stopping this treaty will be quite difficult, as the World Health Assembly may or may not even accept public comment before making a decision. Your best bet right now is to sign up for the World Council for Health’s (WCH) newsletter.

The last time the World Health Assembly met to discuss the treaty, the WCH issued links and instructions on how to submit your comment. You can subscribe at the bottom of this page, or on the WCH’s homepage. I and the CHD will also share details if they become available, so subscribing to our newsletters can give you a heads-up as well.

In the absence of instructions, you could reach out to your respective delegation and request that they oppose the treaty. A list of U.S. delegates can be found in James Roguski’s Substack article, “Speaking Truth to Power.”

For contact information for other nations’ delegates, I would suggest contacting the regional office and ask for a list (see “Regions” in the blue section at the bottom of the World Health Assembly’s web page).

The Crisis: Normalizing Human Experimentation

One of the most egregious crimes against humanity occurred October 20, 2022, when the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) unanimously (15-0) voted to add unlicensed COVID-19 shots to the U.S. childhood, adolescent and adult vaccine schedules.5

By adding the shots to the vaccine schedule, the CDC is securing Pfizer’s and Moderna’s permanent liability shield so that no one can sue them for damages for injuries and deaths occurring as a result of the shots. It also opens the door for states to mandate the jab for school children.

The very same day, Pfizer announced it will raise the price on its COVID jab by about 400 percent,6 from $307 per jab to somewhere between $110 and $130 once the current U.S. purchase program expires.

Pfizer has forecasted expected revenues into the foreseeable future and they’re not going to let real-world market demands dictate its revenue stream. Instead, they’re going to make up the difference through price hikes which, ultimately, will be paid by government and insurance companies.

The unconscionable actions of the CDC and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have also opened the door to make human experimentation the norm for future vaccines. The updated bivalent mRNA COVID shots, for example, were only tested on a few mice before they were authorized and released to the masses.

This is the new model for mRNA injection approvals, and it will spell disaster for humanity, especially if the WHO gets the power to dictate what we must take, and if international vaccine passports go through. At that point, humans become little more than experimental subjects for the transhumanist movement. They’re literally charging us to gamble on our lives on their latest gene therapies.

The Crisis: Plunging Life Expectancy

Something extraordinarily odd happened in 2020 and 2021, something that shaved nearly three years off the life expectancy in the U.S.8 While media blames this drop on COVID-19 infection, that makes no sense, because the average age of those who died from COVID was about 85, well over the life expectancy in 2019.

No, this massive drop in life expectancy is due to younger people dying decades earlier than they should, and the only factor that can account for that is the mass injection of people with an experimental bio weapon — the COVID jabs.

Allopathic medicine has been a leading cause of death in the U.S. for over two

decades.9,10,11 In future years, I believe the medical intervention sold as “COVID vaccines” will prove to be the No. 1 killer of Americans, and we’re already seeing that trend.

Don’t worry, if you understand the basics of health, you can easily avoid falling victim to this devious system. In this article, I will share the broad strokes you need to know to protect yourself and your family from the nefarious plans to take you out prematurely.

By understanding these basics, you can take steps to improve your health and wellbeing, and to avoid falling prey to the harmful effects of this system.

The Crisis: The Fake ‘Food Is Medicine’ Agenda

Food and agriculture are also being overtaken and changed. The U.S. government has launched a “Food is Medicine” program,12,13 which is nothing but another way for the government to seize control of the population. Food as medicine will be used to get you into their control system, and keep you there. The goals behind this “food revolution” are to:14

  1. Get as many people as possible into SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance) and WIC (women, infants and children) programs so that purchases and spending can be controlled through digital food tokens. Ultimately, everyone will be moved into a socialist food system based on government assistance tokens.
  2. Integrate food and nutrition with health care so that food and health policies are under one umbrella. Food purchases and health records will be linked to your vaccine passport/digital identity.
  3. Change food standards, food categories and nutrition. Traditional farming of grains and plants will be replaced with indoor vertical growing of patented GMO seeds, while animal farming will be regulated into oblivion in order to be replaced by insect farms (so-called micro livestock), gene-edited food and lab-grown meat.

The trap being laid out for us is that of a controlled socialist food system, where the state decides what you will eat. In the graphic below, included in a 2018 report15 by the Illinois Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Task Force, they show how they intend to control your “healthy eating token” usage through digital identity and digital currency.

Over time, what’s “healthy” will change as their control over agriculture and food manufacturing deepens. But the government’s healthy food recommendations will never be accurate and true. Need proof? Just look at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy’s Food Compass,16,17 unveiled in late 2021 as the latest and greatest in nutritional science.

This tool is what will be used to guide health care and nutrition assistance programs in their selections. In this nutritional guidance tool, Lucky Charms, Frosted Mini Wheats, Honey Nut Cheerios, ice cream cones, chocolate covered almonds and almond M&Ms all have higher nutritional scores than cheddar cheese and ground beef.18

According to the Food Compass, you’ll be healthier if you replace whole egg, cheddar cheese and ground beef with literal candy. Can there be any doubt that its purpose is to lead people away from wholesome natural foods, toward processed and genetically engineered junk foods?

And, considering how vaccines are being tied in with biosecurity and digital ID, it’s not a far stretch to imagine that foods engineered to contain vaccines will be mandated through government food programs.

The Crisis: Food, Water and Energy Shortages

The world is facing a growing crisis of food and energy shortages, as well as widespread supply chain disruptions. In addition, both industries are being intentionally targeted and dismantled under the guise of combating climate change.

This is making it increasingly difficult for people to maintain food security, as inflation continues to rise. For example, on average, food prices in the United States were one-third higher in March 202119,20 than they were in March 2020. These challenges are only expected to worsen in the coming years.

Fertilizer prices are expected to double as a result of Russia’s ban on fertilizer exports. For some farmers, that will be a death knell that causes them to go out of business. The rest will be forced to charge more for their commodities, resulting in skyrocketing food prices.

The climate has also been uncooperative, causing poor harvests around the world. China, for example, has reported it expects the lowest harvest yields in history this year, thanks to serious flooding of its farmland in the fall of 2021.21 And then there are the many mysterious fires that have destroyed major food distribution facilities around the world.

All of these factors will likely result in serious food shortages and famine around the world over the coming year. Availability of potable water is also diminishing, which will raise prices.

Action Item — Secure Your Water Supply

One of the most important preparations you can make is to secure a supply of potable water, as you can survive far longer without food than you can without water.  An ideal system to consider, especially if you also have a garden, is to install a large cistern to collect rainwater.

Since I have a full acre of land that I grow food on, I have a 5,000-gallon cistern that collects rainwater from the gutters on my roof. This serves to augment my irrigation system but is also a large emergency source of water. Another strategy is to install a series of connected rain barrels to your gutters. If you live next to a river or pond or have a swimming pool, you may not need a cistern as you can simply filter the water from them.

I discuss this and other strategies in “How To Secure Your Water Supply For Emergencies.” Also remember to stock up on means to purify less-than-ideal water sources. Examples include water purification tablets or drops, and/or independent water filtration systems.

There are portable inexpensive water filter pitchers like the Clearly Filtered Water

Pitcher or Epic Nano Filter Pitcher, which can filter out pathogens and other impurities (meaning a filtration system that is not tied to the tap in your home, in case pumps go down and you have no tap water). Even a small survival water filtration system is better than nothing, as drinking contaminated water can result in serious illness and/or death.

Action Item — Stock Up on Shelf-Stable Foods

I recommend stocking up on healthy, nutritious foods that you eat on a regular basis anyway. That way, you can rotate your stock. In my view, animal protein would be one of the most important supplies to stock up on, which means you’ll need extra freezer storage. It would likely make sense to get another freezer to store enough meat for three to six months.

The key to making this work is to have a backup power supply, as there is a high likelihood the grid will go down and you will lose your investment. The most economical way to stock up on meat would be to get ground bison, beef or lamb. Ground meat is less expensive, but more importantly, takes up the least amount of space in your freezer.

Avoid pork and chicken due to high linoleic acid content.

Another option is canned beef, which has a long shelf-life and doesn’t require a freezer. Look for varieties that use salt as the only preservative. Canned wild Alaskan salmon, mackerel and sardines are also good options.

They contain healthy protein and fat while being low in toxic water pollutants and heavy metals. Just make sure they’re canned in water, not oil, as you can be guaranteed that it’ll be the worst oil possible. This is true even if it claims to be “olive oil.” Other nutritious foods with long shelf-life include:

Tallow, ghee and coconut oil — These healthy fats are very low in linoleic acid (LA) and are ideal for cooking and remain stable even without refrigeration.

Organic beef broth and/or collagen powder — Beef broth is an ideal source of collagen, but organic grass fed collagen powder will stay fresh longer. Collagen is the most common and abundant of your body’s proteins, and is required for bone health, tissue integrity and repair.

Whey protein — Whey protein is rich in leucine, which helps stimulate muscle protein synthesis, thereby promoting healthy muscle. Without a regular source of meat, it can be difficult to achieve enough leucine to maintain body protein from diet alone. Fortunately, whey can be easily stored and can serve as a resource to preserve your muscle mass.

Rice — Rice is a gluten-free staple that can be stored for long periods of time. Interestingly, white rice (my favorite is basmati) is far preferred over brown rice as the antinutrients in brown rice impair its role as a clean source of carbohydrates. Ideally, place the bag in a food-grade bucket together with an oxygen absorber or two, and make sure the lid is well-sealed.

Honey — In addition to being a natural sweetener, local unadulterated honey also has health benefits. For example, it’s an effective cough medicine and can help combat respiratory infections and bacterial infections, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Macadamia nuts — Nuts are frequently recommended as a good source of fiber, protein and healthy fats that will stay fresh for a long time without refrigeration, provided they’re in a sealed bag or container. However, the reason why this is a terrible idea is that all nuts except macadamia are loaded with very high levels of the dangerous fat linoleic acid. So, storing any nuts would not be helpful, as you would only be able to have around five a day.

I also recommend stocking up on nutritional supplements such as beef organ complex, essential minerals, omega-3, vitamin K2, magnesium, vitamin B complex and astaxanthin. Having a backup supply of pharmaceutical grade methylene blue is

 also a good idea.

Action Item — Secure Backup Energy Supply

To prepare for eventual energy shortages, brownouts, rolling blackouts or a complete shutdown of the power grid, consider one or more power backups, such as gas-powered generators and/or solar generator kits such as Jackery or Inergy. Having backup power can prevent the loss of hundreds of dollars worth of food if your home loses electricity for more than a couple of days.

Scale up and diversify according to what you can afford. Ideally, you’d want more than one system. If all you have is a gas-powered generator, what will you do if there’s a gas shortage and/or if the price skyrockets into double digits? On the other hand, what will you do if the weather is too overcast to recharge your solar battery?

You also need some way to cook water and food during a blackout. Here, options include (but are not limited to) solar cookers, which require neither electricity nor fire, small rocket stoves, propane-powered camping stoves and 12-volt pots and pans that you can plug into a backup battery.

The Crisis: Economic Collapse and Programmable Currencies

The fact that the world is heading toward total economic collapse is a mathematical certainty, and according to hedge fund “guru” and former BlackRock equity portfolio manager Edward Dowd, the collapse may begin in earnest before the end of 2024.

COVID provided cover for central banks and governments, allowing them to temporarily hide the reality that the financial system is crashing. The pandemic also allowed for the erection of a control system to shield governments and central banks from the fallout from collapsing food, energy and finance systems.

It allowed them to restrict travel and introduce digital IDs and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) by linking them together with vaccine passports. Secretly, behind the scenes, a social credit system like the one in China is also being built. Facial recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) are crucial components in this digital prison system, and both are being widely implemented and expanded around the world.

The march toward CBDCs in the U.S. started last month when the The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Innovation Center, or NYIC, announced that it would be launching a 12-week proof-of-concept pilot for a central bank digital currency, or CBDC.22

It seems like CBDCs are inevitable and will likely be mainstream in 2024. Initially they will be voluntary and strongly encouraged because of all the convenience they offer. You need to resist them as long as possible as capitulation into this system will mark the beginning of total electronic control into your digital prison.

The Plan Summarized

Ultimately, the plan is for everyone to have a digital identity, which will collect any and all information about you. It’ll be tied to your vaccination status, medical records, financial accounts, education and work history, your carbon footprint and your social credit score.

As shown in the graphic above, your digital identity will be required to unlock all aspects of life, from logging onto the internet to accessing social services, travel, food, shopping and financial services.

Anything you do in life will be reflected in your social credit score, and any aspect of your life can be used against you. Punishment for wrongthink, “bad behavior” or insufficient vaccinations can easily be meted out by automatic deduction of a fine from your bank account, a reduction in your social credit score, travel restrictions and much more.

Every aspect of your life will be monitored and controlled from the outside. For anyone who enjoys making their own decisions in life, programmable CBDCs are a death knell.

The currency will be programmable by the issuer, such as the central bank, a government agency or your employer. They can then decide when, how and on what you can spend your money. You also will not be able to save however you like, as some CBDCs may have expiration dates.

With CBDCs, You Lose Control of Your Health

CBDCs can also be programmed to only work for certain types of items, including certain types of food. If your health records indicate you have a health problem, your

CBDCs can be programmed such that you cannot buy foods deemed unhealthy for you.

This could be anything from pizza and donuts to red meat, butter or raw milk. In this way, the globalist technocrats behind this system will have extreme, near-total control over your physical health.

The system will start by blocking junk food, but eventually it’ll switch to natural whole foods, as those are the ones they actually are trying to get rid of. As I’ll explain under the “food and medicine agenda” section below, they’re trying to transition the population (with the exception of themselves) into an all-patented diet, devoid of natural whole foods.

Action Items: Safeguard Your Assets

The financial collapse will likely take many mainstream news readers by surprise, because legacy media are not telling the truth. Those of you following alternative sources have the benefit of being able to prepare by protecting your assets.

The risk of banks doing bail-ins where they seize all of your money to cover their losses is high, as is the risk of hyperinflation, which will eat through your savings, and the risk of a stock market crash. To safeguard and minimize the loss of your assets, you can:

  • Buy physical gold and silver.
  • Buy property.
  • Purchase crucial prepper items such as solar backup batteries, water catchment systems, long-term survival foods and seeds—things that can save your life in a grid-down, social unrest situation that may not be available later, or cost much more.

Since the economy is collapsing and inflation skyrocketing, your money is not doing you much good in the bank. You’re losing purchasing power with each passing month, and a bank bail-in could wipe you out completely. So, if you need survival items, buying them now might be one of the better investment strategies out there.

  • “Invest” in tradable goods.
  • Investigate alternative investment vehicles—For example, there’s a new type of asset being developed on the stock exchange called Natural Asset Stocks, or Natural Asset Corporations. The government of Costa Rica, for example, is putting all government-owned forests and farmlands into a Natural Asset Corporation.

This is a type of stock different from anything we’ve seen so far. Basically, these stocks will allow fund managers, private investors and corporations to invest in natural assets. The part you end up owning is the ecosystem services of that land.

So, for example, you could own the environmental services resulting from the Billion Agave Project, which include carbon sequestration amounts and water savings. Over time, as the whole system matures and the soils are regenerated, your asset rises in value.

Other alternatives include gold and silver mining investments, and investment funds such as the one offered by Phinance Technologies, a global macro alternative investment firm founded by Edward Dowd, author of “Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022.” These investments are based on reality trends Dowd sees coming as a result of the rising disability and death rates caused by the COVID jabs.

Action Items: Avoid the Digital ID and CBDC Traps

As for the CBDCs, the key is to refuse to sign up for it when it rolls out. The time to resist is right at the beginning, when adoption will be voluntary.

If adoption is poor, they’ll have a very hard time bringing their enslavement through a financial control plan to fruition. If a majority goes along with it, eventually the system will become mandatory, and you’ll have little choice but to participate if you want to function in society.

Additionally, the international vaccine passport proposed at the 2022 G20 meeting is a central key in the effort to get everyone into the digital ID system. So, refusing to adopt vaccine passports is a crucial component of resistance to the digital prison system in its entirety.

You must also reject the vaccine passport unless you’re willing to be a medical lab rat for the rest of your life. Hundreds of new vaccines, including many mRNA shots targeting common diseases, are in the pipeline for 2030, and having an up-to-date vaccination status will be one of the requirements to maintaining a valid passport. Vaccine refusal can then be used to nullify or “lock” your digital ID, leaving you unable to do, go or buy anything. So, in summary, to avoid the digital prison:

  • Refuse to enter the coming CBDC system.
  • Refuse adoption of digital ID/vaccine passports.
  • Fight, on a local level, to prevent the expansion of facial recognition cameras and 5G.
  • “Starve the beast” by cutting back on your online usage, social media in particular. The war on “domestic terror,” meaning the war on anyone who doesn’t agree with a one world government, is waged using surveillance, profiling and AI.

So, avoid sharing your data by minimizing your presence online. Also minimize your use of any and all data-gathering devices, such as AI assistants, smart devices and wearables, all of which feed your personal data into the AI profiling system.

Action Items — Build Community and Parallel Financial Systems

In addition to those things, we also need to promote the development and adoption of alternative systems and communities, and parallel economies that do not rely on or require CBDCs and digital ID/vaccine passports to function. To that end:

  • Use more cash, as this will discourage stores from going all-digital.
  • Get out of the inner cities, where financial collapse will be felt the hardest and pose the greatest risks to personal safety.
  • Build community and local parallel economies.
  • Build your own knowledge base on how to grow and raise food, even if you’re not in a position to grow food right now. There are many free videos online that you can peruse. Ideally, download them so you can watch them offline, even if the internet goes down.

Books on homesteading and basic survival skills are also a valuable investment.

“Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills” is one option.

As a general rule going forward, you’ll want hard copies or copies on external hard drives of any information that you want to have access to in the future, as the internet is becoming increasingly scrubbed of important information. If using an external hard drive, make sure you store it in a faraday bag to protect the information from electromagnetic weapons.

Action Items — Take Control of Your Health NOW

One way to counter the fraudulent “Food is medicine initiative” and avoid becoming a statistic of early death is to take control of your own health and work to get as healthy as possible right now. In the longer term, you can also take steps to avoid relying on food assistance programs, which will always provide the least healthy options.

By taking control of your health and making informed choices about your diet, you can improve your overall wellbeing and protect yourself from the negative effects of this insidious agenda.

While optimizing your health is often thought of as something that is complicated, daunting, time-consuming, and expensive, I have good news for you. Simply implementing four key lifestyle strategies can set you on the right path:

1.    Drastically limit your omega-6 linoleic acid (LA) intake — Excessive LA consumption is responsible for the vast majority of ill health and chronic disease. As consumption of vegetable oils and seed oils, the primary source of LA, has risen over the past 145 years, so have chronic disease rates.

LA is far more hazardous than sugar for Type 2 diabetes even.

LA causes excess oxidative stress resulting in mitochondrial dysfunction and radical loss of energy efficiency production. Excessive LA will also impair apoptosis (programmed cell death). As a result, dysfunctional cells are allowed to continue to grow, which can turn cancerous.

To minimize LA in your diet, avoid ALL processed foods, restaurant foods and condiments, virtually all seeds and nuts, most olive oil and avocado oils, and even organic chicken and pork. Of course, also do not use seed oils for cooking. Use tallow, ghee, butter, or coconut oil instead.

Ideally, consider cutting LA down to below 7 grams per day, which is close to what our ancestors used to eat. If you’re not sure how much you’re eating, enter your food intake into Cronometer—a free online nutrition tracker—and it will provide you with your total LA intake.

Cronometer will tell you how much omega-6 you’re getting from your food down to the 10th of a gram, and you can assume 90 percent of that is LA as long as you accurately enter the food and weights. It will also instantly rank order the foods with the most LA so you can know the biggest offenders. Anything over a total of 10 grams of LA a day is likely to cause problems.

  1. Compress your eating schedule — Time-restricted eating (TRE) is a simple yet profoundly effective way to improve your metabolic flexibility so that your body will be able to burn both carbs and fats for fuel. An estimated 90 percent of Americans eat across 12 hours, which is a recipe for metabolic disaster.

To turn your health around, eat all your meals for the day within a six- to eight-hour window and fast for the remaining 16 to 18 hours. Also, be sure to eat your last meal three to four hours before bed.

However, if you are not unlike the 19 out of 20 people in the U.S. that are metabolically inflexible and you are insulin sensitive, then this would be a far too aggressive eating window. You should extend your window to 8 to 10 hours and even 12 hours in the summer.

If you are insulin sensitive and use a rigid TRE window your body will increase your cortisol levels to increase your glucose level. This will produce inflammation and tissue damage. So best to have a longer eating window if you are already healthy.

  1. Build muscle and combat frailty using blood flow restriction (BFR) training — If you don’t engage in resistance exercises, your risk of metabolic diseases goes up, as your muscle acts as a glucose sink. After meals, about 80 percent of glucose is deposited in your skeletal muscle.23,24 Muscle is also the main energy user of fat in your body.25

Lack of muscle (sarcopenia) often leads to insulin resistance, frailty, poor outcomes in illness and disease, delayed recovery and a greater risk of surgical complications, drug toxicity, falls, disability and death. Skeletal muscle also plays a major role in your metabolism, circulation and cognition, and serves an important endocrine function.

BFR involves modifying the arterial inflow and venous outflow while you’re working the muscle by placing an inflatable band around the extremity.26 It’s a low-intensity resistance training, using weights that are just 20 percent to 35 percent of your one rep max. BFR works by tricking your body into believing that it’s moving far heavier weights than you’re actually using, generating compensatory metabolic responses and improved microcirculation.

With BFR training, you’re able to significantly enhance your strength and muscle mass using a fraction of the weight typically used, in about half the time it would normally take. It’s the best strategy I know of to increase muscle size, and it’s safe to use for everyone, including the elderly.

I recommend using the KAATSU intermittent hypoxia system developed by Dr. Yoshiaki Sato. BFR can be done with restriction bands, but KAATSU uses a device that provides intermittent and not just constant pressure, which is far safer. For a limited time, you can get 10 percent off using this link,

4. Get regular sun exposure — Aside from excessive LA intake, another major contributor to mitochondrial dysfunction is lack of sun exposure. UVB triggers vitamin D production in your skin, which helps ward off infections and promotes

mitochondrial health and cell health in general.27,28

The near-infrared rays in sunlight also trigger melatonin production in your mitochondria.29 Melatonin is a master hormone,30 a potent antioxidant31 and antioxidant recycler,32 a master regulator of inflammation and cell death,33 and an important anticancer molecule.34

Near-infrared light also increases mitochondrial ATP production and autophagy, structures the water in your body, and triggers the conversion of retinol (vitamin A) to retinoids, which are crucial for immune function.

Action Item — Build Resilience Against Fear

The COVID plandemic was successfully implemented through fearmongering. Ditto for the rollout of the COVID jabs. Fear is the most potent weapon The Great Reset cabal has at its disposal, and we can expect them to use it again and again.

The antidote to fear mongering is education and sharing the truth with others, and the perfect antidote to fear itself is love. For nearly the past three years, mainstream media, celebrities, health officials, medical professionals, family and friends publicly condemned, mocked and threatened those who didn’t agree with masking, social distancing, lockdowns and experimental injections.

Many of us still live with those scars. But we must not respond in kind as we move forward. If we want a more humane society, we must let our own humanity shine bright.

If we say we stand for freedom and liberty, we must be consistent and not hypocritical.

At the end of the day, the solutions to all of the crises facing us really hinge on creating a new society. We need a reset, yes, but not The Great Reset advertised by the World Economic Forum and its derelict minions.

No, we need a reset in which the corrupting elements are cut out of the equation, and there’s corruption absolutely everywhere. In the school system, our food system, financial system, the stock market, our regulatory agencies, all throughout the government and our intelligence agencies. It’s all rotten to the core. And we have but two choices: Accept the digital prison system handed down to us from the globalists, or rebuild our own parallel systems, outside of their control.

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