By Gregory Mannarino
Price action distortions across the entire spectrum of asset classes continues to worsen at an epic pace, inflationary pressure continues to build rapidly, and the US economy as a percentage of GDP continues to shrink at its fastest rate on record.
As these things evolve, today at its core stands the most corrupt, twisted, and wicked organization on the planet which continues to buy EPIC sums of assets with no end in sight— I am referring to The Federal Reserve.
Do you believe any of this is by accident? Or just coincidence?
Below is a quote from former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan.
There Is No Government Agency That Can Overrule Any Decision We Make.”
Change is not just coming, but it is already here.
For YEARS I have spoken publicly that a paradigm shift, and a new set of rules was quickly approaching. I have explained that this “change” would include a culling of an entire class of people here in the United States, the Middle Class, and an emergence of a new feudal system would take hold— it is here now.
The driving force behind all of this stands THE most powerful organization(s) on the planet, which is collectively the central banks of the world—and ALL of this is by design. 
From their inception it has been the “Endgame” of central banks to one day OWN IT ALL, to become the lender and buyer of last resort—and therefore be the collective ruling body of the world.
Those who follow my work have already been forewarned by me and others like Gerald Celente himself, to expect things to happen—things almost too far-fetched to believe! Which would occur allowing central banks to fulfill their one world government agenda.
An Agenda of control and a usurping of the rights of free citizens.
A One World Government.
The web of interconnected central banks is world-wide. Today every single “modern economy” in all developed nations on Earth exists under the rule of a central bank, and each of these central banks is run by private and clandestine institutions.
The system of interconnected central banks ruling developed nations has stripped We The People of any form of free governmental system, WE HAVE NO REPRESENTATION, WE HAVE NO VOICE.
The Game is playing out exactly as planned.
First know this, nothing is by accident.
Everything we are seeing today, which includes a global economy in freefall, massive inflation, the elimination of the middle class, skyrocketing energy prices, and a stock market which yet again last Thursday and Friday closed at new record highs is ALL BY DESIGN.
I foretold years ago that all of this would come to pass, and it is not over yet.
The vast majority of people have been dumbed down and programmed by what I call “The Propaganda Ministry,” which is more commonly known as the mainstream media. The sole job of the MSM is to keep people distracted, off balance, confused, and propagandized. 
Our job here at the Trends Journal is to give you the facts hard and fast, to raise your awareness! And allow you to make up your own minds. People ALWAYS know the truth when they see or hear it.

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