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While the U.S. was consumed for weeks with the mainstream media “news” that a football player got a heart attack after being tackled, there was not a peep from the Presstitutes that the grandson of the famed French general and former president, Charles de Gaulle, became a rare voice of the West by defending Russia after its invasion of Ukraine. He also noted how his grandfather valued his relationship with Moscow. 

Pierre de Gaulle, who was also a French army general, addressed the issue during a speech at the Russian Center for Science and Culture. He struck a pragmatic tone and said Europeans should not forget that “maintaining relations with Russia is a guarantee of stability and prosperity in Europe and in the world.”

“Of course, the whole world suffers as a result of anti-Russian sanctions. But above all, Russia’s recent partners in Europe are suffering, and France is among them. This crisis greatly weakens the balance that my grandfather always tried to maintain, even in the most difficult times,” the bank manager and business consultant said.

De Gaulle said public opinion is beginning to shift as more people become aware of the “perverse game and lies of the Americans and NATO.” He said the crisis is being used to destabilize Europe. 

“The war triggers are the Americans and NATO, and I would like to cite as evidence the statements of [former German Chancellor Angela] Merkel, who said that she never intended to implement the Minsk agreements, which were signed to ensure the safety of the Russian-speaking population in the Donbass… Merkel has done everything to allow NATO to arm Ukraine, has done everything to lay the groundwork for this conflict. By allowing this Ukrainian nationalist expansion, she has allowed 16,000 to 18,000 people to be bombed and killed.”

TRENDPOST: The Trends Journal reported on how Merkel admitted to tricking Russia into signing the agreement to buy time to arm the Ukrainians. (See “MERKEL ADMITS THAT MINSK AGREEMENT WAS A RUSE, RUSSIA CALLS FOR TRIBUNAL.”

Historic Relations Between France and Russia

Pierre de Gaulle said France used to maintain a positive relationship with Russia, even throughout the Cold War.

“After all, then Russia found itself in the same camp with the countries that defeated the Nazi occupiers, and therefore with France. And that is why my grandfather always, always tried to maintain respectful relations with Russia,” he said. 

But he blamed the U.S. for purposely ruining the relationship for its own gains and to protect the dollar as the dominant world currency.

“The Americans, as it were, cut off Europe from Russia, set the Europeans against the Russians,” he said, according to Euro Weekly News. “Why would they do that? Because Europe in alliance with Russia could be a strong bloc both politically and economically, culturally and socially—in general, up to 500 million people live in the EU and Russia.” 

“Ever since the Vietnam War and the economic crises that followed, Americans have always tried by force, cunning, and other dishonest means to make up for the loss of their economic and political influence, although it is inevitable.” 

TRENDPOST: What de Gaulle has stated are pure facts that are whitewashed from the books of American history and currently blacklisted by Washington and the press. As we have reported, while the U.S. and Western media covers the Ukraine War each day and Russian “atrocities,” they did not continually report on the decades-long U.S. Afghan and Iraq Wars… and when they did cover it, it was to promote America’s “Mission Accomplished.”

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