By Gregory Mannarino,
The Federal Reserve is playing a dangerous game… dangerous for us.
It is no secret that the Federal Reserve has become the lender and buyer of last resort, fulfilling their century-old goal. 
It is the central banks of the world that are working in concert to bring about a new financial system; one under their complete control. This scheme extends far beyond the financial system. The central banks of the world, which are in fact the real government of the world, want to control and own it all.
Today, the Federal Reserve is involved in a revolving-door scheme. For now, it’s a game involving two doors, which is leading to a third. Here is how it works.
First, one must understand a single, basic truth: the Federal Reserve has ONLY ONE product, and that product is debt. The Fed issues, buys, and manipulates debt. Period. 
Today, the Federal Reserve is perpetrating the crime of the century, and virtually no one is talking about it. 
Being that we know the ONLY product of the Federal Reserve is debt, I will show you how they are manipulating that debt to their own benefit. 
The Federal Reserve is on a currency-creation binge. Every second of every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, this cash is created from nothing. Moreover, every single dollar is a unit of debt, which is owned by the central bank and owed back to the central bank plus interest, which they also create out of thin air. 
So, through one door, the Fed is creating debt, in unprecedented amounts. To be clear, the more debt a central bank can create, the more powerful they become. Via this mechanism, the Federal Reserve has become THE most powerful organization on Earth, and it is privately owned.
Then there is a second door.
So, we know that through one door, the Fed is creating epic sums of cash out of thin air. Then this cash moves through a second door and is being used to buy assets, including more debt. Remember again, the more debt a central bank owns, the stronger they become. The main reason why the Federal Reserve is utilizing this revolving-door mechanism is to speed up the amount of debt it is issuing, thereby becoming exponentially stronger.
Out one door the Federal Reserve is issuing debt, then in through another door, they are using this newly-created debt to buy existing assets and more debt! It is an incredible phenomenon.
This revolving/double door mechanism of debt issuance/accumulation is massively inflationary by design, thereby opening yet another door.
This third door is leading to a deliberate currency crisis. 
Just two weeks ago, the U.S. dollar hit an all-time low regarding its purchasing power, and now, even the mainstream media is addressing the issue of rising prices/inflation. 
The Federal Reserve is determined to kill the dollar in its current form and is utilizing this revolving-door mechanism to create inflation. 
For the Federal Reserve to attain complete control over the world financial system, the dollar must go 100% digital, so every single transaction can be tracked.
Make no mistake about it – that is exactly what is going to happen.

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