By Gregory Mannarino

The global economy is cratering, FASTER.

The International Monetary Fund/IMF says: “The World Economy faces A Confluence of Calamities.” And in Davos at the World Economic Forum, both political and business leaders are warning of an “Economic Storm.”

Are we to believe that the current state of world affairs is just an accident?

The global economy is in freefall and has been for many years, and this is no secret to a single person who follows my own work.

The current state of affairs, none of which is by accident, all stems from a Grand Plan which had been put in place by central banks who are working in concert to usher in a new system. A SLAVE SYSTEM brimming with more control.

Moreover, the fall of the current system is by design creating legions of people who are totally dependent on the system to survive—and this is the key. People MUST be made to be dependent on the system, and we are seeing this accelerate in the current environment of spiraling out of control inflation.

The current “crisis to crisis” economic model is yet another mechanism to weaponize the financial system against the people of the world. Every crisis today is being used as a means to pull epic sums of cash into the now, being borrowed from the future, and people all over the world are being forced to fund each new crisis.

Every new crisis is being sold to the people of the world as it is our “patriotic duty” to support. Each engineered crisis gives puppet governments a blank check to spend whatever they deem necessary, because it’s a “crisis.”

And where does the cash come from to fund each new crisis?

THE CENTRAL BANKS, who will create it out of nothing.

FEAR must also be propagated. Fear of surging inflation forcing people to tap into whatever savings they may currently have, therefore inducing a “cost of living crisis.”

Fear of more debt, as people continue to borrow—consumer debt, household debt and personal debt, continue to skyrocket.

Fear of disease, new and various strains of invisible organisms which are meant to be perceived as real threats to survival.

Fear of food shortages for the most vulnerable among us, infants who now rely on “formula” instead of natural nutrition to thrive.

Political turmoil.

Fear of a collapse of the financial markets.

Today globally, debts and deficits continue to surge out of control at their fastest pace ever, and every “developed” nation operates only because they continue to borrow cash from the future courtesy of their respective central bank.

It is these central banks who are more than willing to “lend” more as they work towards their goal of being the lenders and buyers of last resort. 

Today every nation on Earth is a slave to its central bank, and it is these same institutions which have gone out of their way to create inflation as a mechanism to destroy their respective currencies in a race to the bottom—setting the basis for the introduction of a new financial system.

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